HOW TO TELL WHEN SHE’S CHEATING…The signs that are right in front of you

Women can be quite cunning. A woman won’t just cheat on you, she’ll have a boyfriend, a new car and sign the lease on a new condo before you even know what hit you. When she’s telling you that it’s over between you, you can’t help but wonder how you didn’t see this coming.

You probably did see it coming, but you didn’t recognize the signs. While women can possess CIA level stealth and be really good at covering their tracks; they are still emotional creatures and almost always exhibit certain behaviors when they’re cheating on you.

  1. She no longer gets angry.

    She used to nag you to go to the movies with her, to meet her and her friends for drinks or just spend some quality time with her. Now, she could care less. She doesn’t ask you anymore because she has found someone else to hang out with.

  2. She’s defensive.

    When you ask her where she’s been or what she’s up to, you may get a response such as, ‘When did you start caring about what I do, anyway?!’ Whoa… you weren’t expecting that. You were just making conversation and she jumped down your throat. Hmmm…

  3. There are changes in her behavior and/or attire.

    You used to have to beg her to wear that short short skirt when you guys went out. Now, all of a sudden; she’s wearing it when she goes out to meet her ‘friends.’ She has a new hairstyle, she’s wearing perfume all the time, she’s shopping more and she’s humming in the bathroom while she’s getting dressed. It’s some weird song that you’ve never heard before. You wonder where she heard it.

  4. She’s into different stuff.

    She used to be a red wine girl; now she’s drinking Manhattans. She’s ordering the oysters at dinner and you didn’t even know she liked oysters.

  5. She’s got a new set of friends.

    You used to know all about her friends, the things they did and the places they went. Now, she’s hanging out with a different crowd and when you ask why you weren’t invited, she tells you that you don’t know these people and you wouldn’t enjoy yourself anyway.

  6. She will probably mention his name.

     A woman that’s infatuated can’t help but talk about the guy. For example: you tell her you’ve been thinking about going back to school, and she says, ‘You should. My friend, Don, is working on his doctorate.’ Or, you say you’ve always wanted to go scuba diving and she says, ‘Oh yeah, my friend, Don, says it’s so much fun.’ If she’s mentioning some new person’s name every time she opens her mouth; that could potentially be a problem.

  7. She’s obsessed with her phone and she didn’t used to be.

    This is the woman who used to put her phone in her purse and give you her undivided attention whenever you were together. Her phone didn’t have a password and she left it lying around all the time. But, now…she has a password and she keeps it at her side at all times. It’s on silent and she checks it constantly.

  8. She’s overly concerned with your whereabouts.

    You used to be able to tell her that you were hanging out with the guys and she wouldn’t question you very much. Now, she wants to know where you’re going and how long you’re going to be there. You thought that maybe she was becoming a little possessive. Nope. She’s really trying to figure out how long you’ll be out of her hair so she can go do her thing.

  9. She falls off the radar for large amounts of time.

    She always used to answer your call on the first ring. When you texted, she responded right away. Now, you can’t reach her for 4, 5 hours at a time. She doesn’t respond to your calls or your texts. When she comes back online, she’s fully engaged, but you wonder what she was up to.

  10. She makes it a point to tell you she’s unhappy

    Women are typically adept at expressing themselves and more than willing to share insight on the current state of the relationship. This time though, if she complains, it’s a little different. It has an air of finality to it. When women have something (or someone) else going on in their lives, they instinctually want to give you every opportunity to make things right… while the relationship is still salvageable. She’ll look you in the eyes and tell you, ‘You know I’m not happy, right?’ She may also be gearing up for a full confession or perhaps making the case for when she’s ready to leave for good. Keep in mind, however, that once a woman stops giving you feedback, stops complaining and stops trying, you should probably start worrying.

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  • This really had a great perspective. Some things that I really need to think about as I’ve noticed each and every item on this list with my significant other. Very insightful!!

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