Chicago Tribune Endorsement Disappoints, Vote Hillary Clinton

The Chicago Tribune endorsement of Gary Johnson is disappointing. They got it wrong, reminiscent of when their headlines screamed Dewey beat Truman in the presidential election in 1948.

The Tribune is advocating a lost vote. The presidential election of 2016 is one of America’s most robust. It is a close election by all accounts.

The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has destroyed the Republican Party as he has brought forth an intense energy to the race and challenged the seated Republicans. Even the Bush family members – Republican royalty – have said they would not vote for nominee Trump.

The rich one has captured the imagination of the American public and, most of all, the media. Media reports on his every move, his every word, and even broadcasts live some of his speeches. Very frankly, some of Trump’s antics need to be media ignored.

He has electrified the American public with straight talk, candor, code words, and bar room like behavior, but he is his own worst enemy and apparently no one in his camp can save him from himself.

Donald Trump Tribune endorses Gary Johnson
Donald Trump

Donald Trump has brought politics to a new low. Until the November presidential election is over and decided, our senses will continue to be shocked as The Donald continues to insult fat women, addresses Bill Clinton’s infidelity and who knows what else as he aims to “Make America Great Again.”

The New York Times has shown the billionaire perhaps has not paid income taxes for the past 18 years. Surely most middle-class Americans will look at this with a jaundiced eye, as we work hard to pay the tax bill.

What this demonstrates is a broken system. A billionaire can get away without paying an ounce of income taxes while the secretary, the foreman, the school teacher, the small business owner, pay through the nose. And you wonder why the teachers strike.

The Tribune Endorsement Disappoints
Newspaper endorsements are serious. Media coverage is essential for candidates. Trump has proven himself to be a marketing and branding genius. It’s all about Trump.

Though newspaper endorsements reign, we see something different in this campaign, as the papers have been stumped. We see something different in the age of social media and instant opinion. However, newspaper political endorsements are still relevant.

The endorsement suggests considerable research, candidate editorial interviews, serious thought, critical analysis and real comparative background thinking as the editorial boards choose which candidates to endorse.

Some Republican-leaning papers that have never ever endorsed a Democratic candidate are endorsing Hillary Clinton. The national paper USA Today has never endorsed a candidate, but wrote don’t vote for Trump.

No matter how you judge this race, there are only two candidates with viability to attain the White House. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America. So far, none of the papers have endorsed Mr. Trump.

Gary Johnson-Chicago Tribune endorsement disappoints.
Gary Johnson

It was disappointing and surprising to read the Chicago Tribune‘s endorsement of Gary Johnson, the Libertarian. The Trib called it a “principled option” rather than a real political one.

Historically known as the World’s Greatest Newspaper, the Tribune let its public down. The Tribune has traditionally endorsed the Republican candidate and it is legendary that this single newspaper voice delivered Abraham Lincoln. In 2008, for the first time, they endorsed their first Democratic presidential candidate in Barack Obama.

Gary Johnson is not presidential fodder, as indicated by his inability to name a single significant world leader in a USA Today article.

Despite the Tribune’s “principled option,” the Gary Johnson vote represents a vote for Donald Trump. Period. So, is the Trib’s endorsement really a left-handed way of saying support Trump, I humbly ask? Really.

They are supporting a person who honestly could not name a world leader, making him sound not as smart as a fifth-grade civics student. Tell me I didn’t read this, please.

The Millennials
The millennials could determine this election. Many in that generation claim they will not vote at all. Apathy has taken them over. A broken system and disappointment that their favored candidate, Bernie Sanders, did not win are among the reasons they suggest for not voting.

But a non-vote from the millennials is also a vote for Trump. Too many cast away votes could equal a Trump White House, based on neglect and ignorance. In this social media, twitter age, it may be the last tweet on November 8 that persuades the voter. It could be a massive social media campaign that makes the election.

I have no problem with Trump tweeting at 3 a.m. He is of this now time and I am certain he didn’t do the tweet.

Hillary for President
Hillary Clinton unequivocally should be the next President of the United States. She has the training, the experience, the guts, the temperament, the political sense, and the knowledge to be the leader of the free world.

It is time for America to have a woman at the helm. She has earned the right, the authority, the power to break the glass ceiling. She has demonstrated calm and grace under pressure.

“Is the Trib’s endorsement really a left-handed way of saying support Trump?”

It is not part of her campaign promotion to suggest that she would be America’s first woman to hold the most powerful office, but I think it is an important factor. It shows America’s progress toward gender equality and I am sure her presidency will elevate women of the world with an acceptance and a new awareness.

Women preside differently and I think she is at the right place in the right time of history. I really don’t care much about her emails. Her intelligence outweighs the email trail. I trust Hillary to push or not push the button mid-morning should she get the drastic phone call on a world event.

It is also important who is next to her when she receives the call. With a President Trump, I think we could be destined for World War III.

As a student of history, I have questioned, researched and wondered how Hitler came to rule. I hate to say it, but the circumstances by which he rose to power are with us as we watch Trump rise.

America cannot afford Trump in the White House; the entire world cannot afford Donald Trump in the White House. I don’t disagree with all that he says; indeed, his candidacy has brought forth valuable public discussion.

Where he has reached out to Black America and raised the question of the Black vote and loyalty to the Democratic Party, that is quite legitimate. It is a question that the Democrats have failed to answer. Black loyalty to the Democratic Party does not equate to the failed and flawed social policies that have been issued.

The Democrats have not been all they could be. Black America, particularly with a Black President in the White House for the past eight years, should be much further along with employment and business development. Black teens should not be shot down in the streets like moving targets for mere traffic violations. And the City of Chicago should be a model for urban development under President Barack Obama.

Trump’s question to African Americans, “What do you have to lose?” is fair. But the answer, “What do you have to gain?” Trump failed to address. Neither candidate has addressed an economic plan for Black America.

It is time for sound reasoning as we enter the last leg of this campaign. It is time for Hillary to be president. I pray that America will do the right thing and not react to Donald Trump the sitcom. Reality matters.

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  • Well said, Ms. Hartman.

    I must admit, I am an avid Tribune reader (online) and I am a bit upset that it wouldn’t endorse Mrs. Clinton for President, especially if it is anti-Donald Trump. I agree with you that to endorse–whether moral, political, any reason–a candidate that does not have a real chance to impact the world’s progress is not doing anyone any favors. But it is tough because the Tribune does have a right to an opinion, so I can’t be too upset. Even though I am : )

    It is time for Hillary Clinton to be in this most-high position, and she does, beyond the obviousness of this, have to step it up and convince us of this fact. We need her to grab us and explain–gently to those who need gentle urging; more aggressively to those on the other end–why we should expend the energy to vote her into office.

    Again, well iterated, Ms. Hartman.

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