Lou Gossett Jr. honored at Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards

The Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards honors and celebrates individuals like Muhammad Ali, that strive to make a difference in their communities and the world.

The great Muhammad Ali was an icon inside the ring as well as outside of it. The extraordinary people honored last night in the ‘City of Compassion’, Louisville, Kentucky, exemplify these traits and have fulfilled the mission of serving humanity in so many different and exemplary ways – from giving to victims of terror, to creating education platforms that teach these tenets to musical compositions that hold a message of beauty, oneness and peace.

Six young humanitarians from around the world, ages 30 years or younger, were awarded the fourth annual Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award celebrating the greatness of the champ. Along with these young inspiring minds, the evening paid tribute to beacons of light, seasoned humanitarians who have made significant contributions toward the attainment of peace, social justice, or other positive actions pertaining to human or social capital.

I was honored to be there in support of Academy award winning actor and founder of Eracism, Louis Gossett Jr., who received the Education Award (he is in the film I am working on – “Shared Legacies” and is a part of our movement, Spill The Honey). The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Cindy Hensley McCain, Humanitarian Award to Jon Secada, Global Citizen Award to Sheryl Lee Ralph, and the Kentucky Humanitarian Award to John Rosenberg.

The music of CJ Vanston & Michael Fitzpatrick was transformative and truly created a fuel of compassion, heart and soul throughout the evening. Mali Music was awe inspiring, the words, the message, the music just ‘BEAUTIFUL’ with the Humanity Passport Project Choir filling the air with vocal ambiance while walking through the ballroom with votive candles that warmed our spirit.

THE LEGACY CONTINUES – RIP CHAMP. “Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee.”

Muhammad Ali.

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