Fall always comes with a major wardrobe overhaul. Cooler temperatures welcome extra layers, warmer accessories, and boots. The best news about fall 2016 is its versatility. Here are the fall takeaways on the latest colors, cuts, and prints including special occasion wear for every stylish woman.

Must-Have Items
These must-have items can be worn with any look whether your go-to style is conservative, edgy, simple, or bold.

• Statement choker
• Turtleneck
• Oversized sweater
• Bomber jacket
• Navy trench
• Thigh-high boots

Fall Styling Trends
Fall 2016 also comes with a few new styling trends to love. At its core, fashion is creativity. Designers are always coming up with new ways to mix and match our favorite styles. They update and refresh old trends and introduce innovative ideas we didn’t expect to love!

From the runway, magazine spreads, style experts, and Instagram stars, we’re seeing women flip the script on our definition of “casual” and layering in ways that are so quirky good we can’t get enough. Here are three styling trends and tips we are adopting this fall:


Unexpected layering: Think of off-the-shoulder tops under jumpers, turtlenecks under dresses, dresses over skinny denim, and masculine jackets over feminine prints and silhouettes. No rules apply when it comes to layering for fall 2016.

Boots as pants: Thigh-high boots are a fall trend that makes getting dressed simple and sexy. Pair your favorite suede or leather boots with oversized sweaters, dresses, or various lengths of skirts.

Casual as eveningwear: All over Instagram, celebrities and bloggers are combining oversized hoodies with pencil skirts, wearing long length hoodies as dresses, and pairing joggers with stiletto ankle boots. Fall 2016 is turning drab into fab!

Fall’s Best Colors
Don’t let the cool temperatures fool you. Fall is full of warmth, and these colors can be found in hues that complement every skin tone. Channel your inner Mother Earth and take a cue from the landscape around you with these 10 tones:

• Pumpkin
• Mustard
• Wine
• Evergreen
• Taupe
• Coffee
• Gray
• Navy
• Plum
• Dusty rose

These color palettes work beautifully in both your wardrobe and in beauty products, such as nail color and lipstick shades. Dark-haired women might consider adding wine, plum, or navy tints to add shine for double-take worthy locks.

On-Trend Outerwear
As the most exposed part of your wardrobe, the most necessary fall items to have on point are great coats, jackets, and sweaters. Top your fall layers with one of these six outerwear trends.

• Bomber jacket
• Black Leather jacket
• Military trench
• Duster coats & sweaters
• Oversized hoodie
• Turtleneck

Boots & Shoes
We can’t talk fall fashion without mentioning shoes. Thankfully, we need to remember only four trends to be on-point in the shoe department.

• Thigh high boots
• Chunky heels
• Retro: Platform & Velvet
• Slides: Loafers & Mules

Trend alert tip: Buckles are a major trend this fall. Find any of your favorite fall shoes with a buckle detail to show your fashion authority.


What’s wonderful about this final fall style tip is you can pull from the previous tips and create your own trend. When it comes to this season’s eveningwear, try combining the essentials with great seasonal colors and outerwear. Or tackle one of these go-to looks for a runway-inspired special occasion.

• Fitted midi
• Sexy sheer
• Flowy floral

The moral of this fall fashion story is there are no boundaries for 2016. Fashion is an adventure, empowering women to create their own style story. What will yours say?

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