Who plays Bishop Carlton Pearson?

EUR WEB and The Hollywood Reporter reports that Nigerian actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor is in line to portray Bishop Carlton Pearon for Netflix Biopic “Come Sunday.” Ejofor stared in the movie “12 Year a Slave.” Robert Reford plays Oral Roberts, who was Pearson’s teacher-mentor. So, Pearson, who was in Chicago ministering for a short while at Christ Universal Temple, real life story is about to be revealed on the big screen. Pearson raised a fundamental theological question about religion and became quite controversial. He asked, What if hell isn’t a place you could go after you die? What if it doesn’t exist at all?

The question rocked his world as did the answer. The Tulsa, Oklahoma evangelical minister in 2004 raised questions leading to his disparagement by his peers who labeled him a heretic. He eventually lost everything, including his church. The cataclysmic event set Pearson on a path to rediscover himself, the importance of family as well as the renewed strength to rebuild his church.

Pearson’s true-story that has been featured in a “This American Life“ episode in 2005, and is now the subject of Netflix’s forthcoming flick Come Sunday. Filming begins in January.

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