The Mysterious Jeffey Epstein Saga

Jeffery Epstein, the wealthy pedophile, allegedly killed himself in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York over the weekend. He was being held without bail and waiting trial.

If you believe that Epstein coincidently committed suicide just a day after 2,000 pages of documents were released about “sex slaves” with the mighty and the powerful, I have a very nice bridge stretching from Hawaii to New York at a very nice price for you.

The Epstein case is as sick as they get. Here was a billionaire sexual pervert. He said he had to have an orgasm at least three times a day. He had young girls, as young as 14, recruited as his “massage therapists” and sex objects.

Not only were the girls underage, but also many were from foster care, where he thought perhaps no one cared or would bother to watch the girls. He paid the girls $200 per “massage.”

Epstein had powerful friends, including now President Trump, former President Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew from England’s Royal Family, among them. He was in the highest echelons of society, pimping out his underage girls.

Epstein with Bill Clinton

Of course the men accused in the released documents – including former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former Maine U.S. Senator George Mitchell, as well as foreign and business leaders – flatly deny the happenings.

But evidence indicates that many of them went to Epstein’s parties, flew on his private plane and visited his private island estate and other residences. The documents are revealing and name the names of powerful men.

England’s Prince Andrew with Epstein in Central Park in New York (above). Andrew below with “sex slave” accuser Virginia Roberts, 17, and Epstein friend Ghislaine Maxwell.

Where does this lead us? Nobody knows. Investigations are underway from the U.S Attorney General’s office to the Correctional Center itself, where right now they’re trying to blame it all on a couple of overworked guards who didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

They didn’t check on Epstein every 30 minutes, as they were supposed to. They may have been asleep on their watch. Epstein was alone in the cell, his cellmate was no longer in the cell, and they have yet to reveal who the cellmate was. The guard who was regularly on duty, was not…Sounds like a “Godfather” hit to me.

How did Epstein hang himself is a looming question. Was it with a shoestring, a sheet, or did someone actually come into his cell with a rope and dangle Epstein from the ceiling?

Was this a murder and conspiracy to protect some rich and famous people? Did Epstein perhaps orchestrate his death by having the overworked guards missing in action with turned-off cameras? That seems farfetched.

Was he ordered killed by folks who might be implicated? Did Epstein even die, or was that someone else’s body that was found while Epstein is still living in disguise somewhere in the world? At any rate, somebody is dead and we may never know the “truth.”

Could be plain old suicide. It must be hard to be a billionaire with private planes, private islands, living la vida loca, and ending up in a jail cell with no freedom and in isolation for 23 hours a day.

Epstein’s private island, “Little St. James”, in the Virgin Islands near St. Thomas.

Epstein, it is said, wore a shirt only once and then tossed it. Quite different than his colorful jail fatigues. It has been reported that he lived like a pig, “eating his meals off of the floor and constantly requesting more toilet paper” in his jail cell.

His friend, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, is implicated as Epstein’s procurer. She supposedly was his sex slave while she was underage and grew up to be his recruiter and trainer for the incoming crops of young girls.

Epstein’s long-time friend and procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell, with Epstein and Trump.

They met at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach. Trump has sworn that he disassociated with Epstein long ago. This works to Trump’s credit, though Trump seems perfectly fine in the screen grab photos below from a video where he is partying with Epstein in Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Palm Beach Florida in 1992:

So, the moral of the story so far is that famous, wealthy, powerful men (and women) can be very sick. Epstein probably had a “physical deficiency” that made him attracted to children and perhaps an unsatisifiable thirst. He was a man who liked girls, not women, because he probably wasn’t up to par.

But he organized a sex trafficking ring and for that, he was facing up to 45 years in jail, basically the rest of his life since Epstein was 66, and after the court documents revealed the details of his transactions.

Epstein, the high school math teacher.

Prior to his successful years as an investment banker, Epstein was a math and physics teacher at an elite private high school in Manhattan. Financier Alan Greenberg’s two children were among his students and Greenberg, impressed with Epstein, offered him a job as a trader.

There are a lot of stories behind the Epstein saga. But the most important questions at this time are who killed Epstein and who receives his fortune.

Epstein considered himself a “scientific philanthropist.” He donated $20 million annually to these pursuits. Upon his death, he wanted his head and penis to be frozen and donated to charities that supported trans-humanism. He hoped to seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating select women with his sperm at his ranch in New Mexico, 20 women at a time.

Huummm? Jeffrey Epstein was one rich, sex-driven, sick puppy.

Jeffrey Epstein in jail.

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