Getting Older

This is a funny column that is real. My 98-year-old mother tells me that getting older is a treat…given the alternative.

So here are some signs that you are getting older, in case you didn’t know.

1. You know it’s going to rain before the weatherman reports it, because your body aches.

2. You don’t spring out of bed in the morning, you think about it before you get up.

3. You go to more funerals than parties.

4. You rather have dinner at home than go out.

5. You begin to look at your friends differently and are thankful for who they are.

6. You want just want what you want, when you want it, without compromise.

7. You talk more about what you did than what you are doing.

8. You don’t like crowds, just good friends.

9. You become happy with what you have and not what you don’t.

10. You don’t want to buy every dress.

11. You start wearing flats.

12. You want to be quiet.

13. You start giving stuff away.

14. You wear the same thing twice, because you like it.

15. You didn’t do Facebook today.

16. You go to sleep early.

17. Everything doesn’t get done today, and so what.

18. You listen more than you talk.

19. You state your case, because you believe what you say is right.

20. You do what you want.

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