Trump, The Crudest President

What do you say about Donald Trump? He is the crudest president this country has ever seen. And yet, he is teflon; no matter how bad things get, it rolls off his back.

Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that a man could be elected president after he insulted women everywhere with his comment about grabbing them by the crotch and that you do it and get away with it if you are a celebrity?

But Trump did it; he got away with it; and he was elected President of the United States. For almost anybody else, it would have been a runaway scandal that cost them the election and made them the target of universal scorn.

But that was just the beginning. Then, as president, Trump gets caught red-handed and without doubt for paying off the adult entertainer he had an adulterous affair with, but it’s the lawyer that goes to jail for the cover up.

This is amazing.

Donald Trump is an undeniable racist who has now challenged and told the “squad” of young freshman female congressman of color to “return to their countries.” He also called them “very racist.”

How interesting for Trump to use the well-worn “go back to your country” racist, bigoted insult as his wife, with her thick accent, is certainly an immigrant. Her parents just received their papers since Trump has been in the White House.

Trump himself is a third-generation descendant of immigrants who has had two wives that have been immigrants. You’d think all of that would have made him more sensitive to the issue. But it has not.

An American Embarrassment

Donald Trump has been an American shame and embarrassment to the entire world. He has trampled the system in every way, like the proverbial bull in the china shop, yet keeps on moving.

He has brought his family into the White House like some bizarre version of the Beverly Hillbillies, unaware or unconcerned about how things function.

Everything and everyone in the White House is awkward; there has been constant staff turnover in the most sensitive roles, and many key positions that help American government run have been left unfilled.

But what you must realize is that tycoon Donald Trump is an unscrupulous businessman who understands marketing. He is a marketer, who holds the office of President of the United States.

He refuses to show his taxes, which would reveal his business interests that might determine conflict of interest, among other things. Trump is about the business of money and has made the government his enterprise.

He is methodical in his actions. He is like the loud drunk in the bar, who picks on and harasses everyone in the joint. Everybody gets iritated and ignores him, but they’re still there as he comes back next week for more of the same.

Bareknuckles Campaigning

Trump gives his opponent a demeaning nickname, then pokes fun at the person, finding a weakness and exploiting it. He did that when he was up against 18 Republican opponents in the 2016 presidential debates.

He wiped them out by “playing the dozens”; he made fun of Jeb Bush, saying that he had to call on his mother in a snowstorm to campaign for him. Trump is the personification of what Oscar Brown Jr. wrote about in his song, Signifying Monkey.

Trump has played the race card and the misogyny card with the progressive Democratic congresswomen. He plays to his base, he dog whistles to the white supremacists, to the white guys who think people of color and women have taken their jobs and are a threat to their future.

Trump dog whistles to his base.

Trump plays to the White Fear Factor. He manipulates and exploits, in bully fashion. He whips and excites his base. And make no mistake, he is very clear on his base, and he plays to it.

Trump will market the women of the “squad” as the far-leftist future of the Democratic Party. He will categorize them as liberal, communist, and socialist. He will market them as immigrants, even though they are not. Trump lies and says it often enough and with enough authority, that it is believed and unchallenged as the newscasters report. Remember the constant lie about President Barack Obama being foreign borm.

“The Squad”. From left: Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rep.Ilhan Omar (D-Minn), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich)

He will strike fear in his base by marketing them as the “new” Democrats who do not love their country, the ones to be feared by “patriotic” Americans.

So now, consider the 21 Democrats vieing to run against Trump in the 2020 presidential election. He will watch and wait for the strongest candidates and then he will began to plug away as they emerge.

Right now the leading candidate is Joe Bidden; already he has been given the nickname of “Sleepy Joe.” The Trump branding will make him an old progressive Democrat who was Vice President under Obama and Trump will make that Biden’s real crime – being second fiddle to a n…..

Who Can Beat Him?

Why hasn’t someone given Trump a nickname? Probably because no other candidate who would aspire to the lofty office of President of these United States would stoop so low.

But to beat Trump, loftiness has to take a back seat and the question becomes, which candidate can take him on? Take him on not in terms of polite politics, but who can be rude, crude, give him a nickname and whup his ass.

Who can do that? Trump is not the polite politician. Which of the current lot of Democrats can say send your wife back to her native land? Who will call him a real slippery racist? Who will call him out on his law-breaking friends and connections? Who will call him bizarre and unhinged? Who will call him a liar and a fraud? Who will say shut down Twitter and come talk to the American public?

Trump has changed the White House and the office of the presidency. He has changed the trajectory of presidential protocols and communications. There are no rules for him.

Who in the bar can take on this loud mouth bully, shut him down and send him home? Whoever that is, that’s who will beat Trump. There is no political correctness here – with Trump you are in an alley fight where anything goes.

In the meantime, Trump’s fascist policies are more than scary. He employs systematic racist tactics. He is treating the incoming immigrants at the southern border like slaves were treated, when they separated families. Like when the Japanese were placed in interment camps in World War II.

As he announces deportation roundup raids in 10 American cities by ICE, it’s remindful of Hitler’s troops going house-to-house to round up German Jews.

Trump is scary, and to say that another four years of his administration is “challenging” would be a gross understatement.

But unless someone can meet Trump on his own bullying and marketing terms, he will probably return to the White House, God help us all.

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