It is unbelievable that old white southern men are passing restrictive legislation on abortion.

Why, you’d think? The white population is shrinking. Women are not having large families anymore. So called “minority” women are multiplying. Is the old white guard threatened?

No man should tell a woman what to do with her body. It is unnatural. Men don’t bear children. They plant seeds. A woman’s body gives life and she should be able to make the decision to do so or not. It is a very special moment when a woman shares with her man/husband/mate that she is pregnant with his child. (Hopefully this is a moment of joy.)

Ideally, every woman should be able to do that with pride and honor and the man should be able to receive the news as such. However, all situations are not ideal and for whatever reason, a woman might NOT want to give birth. She may want to delay motherhood. Career, school, poor timing or the like can be issues.

These controlling men are so inconsiderate that their stringent abortion laws even applies to women who have been impregnated through rape or incest. Their laws prohibit women from having abortions after six weeks of pregnancy when, in many instances, a woman may not even know that she is pregnant in that brief time frame.

Women are no longer a declared “minority” in this country. Women number 162 million to the male population of 157 million in America. Women are going to college more than men.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, “some 2.2 million fewer men than women will be enrolled in college this year. And the trend shows no sign of abating. By 2026, the Department estimates 57 percent of college students will be women.” Men are the new minority on college campuses.

Women are assuming political office and as they continue to do so, we will see significant dynamic change across the board. Men should get used to it and get over it.

We see a generational difference in how men are responding to the female boss. Older men particularly are struggling with the concept of the little woman not staying home barefoot and pregnant or going to the office to be his secretary. Women now have become the boss. Some men fight the notion, some fight the power, and some talk the talk, but need to have their behavior checked.

Manhandling happens at all levels – it is when a man attempts to dominate the situation with his manliness. He tries to assume the role of power. It might be in voice, or tone. It might be in direction; it might be in correction. It might be in body stance. It might even be in a romantic gesture. Some women will submit, but if the job is being done correctly, a woman cannot afford for it to happen, especially in public.

Manhandling Incidents

New Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot had to straighten Ald. Ed Burke out as she presided over her first City Council meeting.

Alderman Ed Burke tried manhandling maneuvers with new Chicago Mayor Lightfoot with his parliamentary point of order clarification on the gender language of legislation. He made an authoritative, experience point.

She checked him by saying I will let you know when I want to hear from you and your point will be taken under advisement. She did not allow Burke to dominate the moment, as she said we will move on.

President Donald Trump exhibited manhandling behavior when he talked about grabbing women by the groin, especially if the man was rich and famous. He manhandled Hillary Clinton in the debates, when he walked behind her on the stage as a stalker, following his prey. He looked like he was about to pounce on her.

Women cannot ignore manhandling, especially in a position of power. She has to respond, immediately and firmly. Not to curse, not to scream and not to be frightened, but to be firm and of good tone to correct or stop the manhandling behavior. Men often don’t know they are acting this way until it is brought to their attention. She cannot be intimidated, because if she is, no matter her position, she will be a subordinate.

Women come to the table professionally as equals. It must be respected. I know of a woman who was the president of a worldwide advertising company. She traveled to Paris to meet her staff. She was the first person in the boardroom for the early morning meeting. Others joined. All of the men who entered asked her for coffee.

She is a short petite African-American woman and they did not know her. They just knew they were coming to meet the new boss. So she fixed everybody coffee, and then when she assumed the head seat at the table, she introduced herself as the president of the company and told all was delighted to fix coffee for the men. She was manhandled and acted like a nice woman before assuming her “in charge” role.

Women handle manhandling in different ways. Hillary Clinton ignored Trump and I am convinced it cost her votes because she didn’t look like she was “equal” to him or ready to rule. The optics was off. She also did it on the debate stage with Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton got manhandled during her presidential debates by stalker Donald Trump in 2016 and intellectual Barack Obama in 2008.

Obama also manhandled Clinton in a very nice way by exercising his intelligence, but nevertheless he showed her he was smarter and that she was not his political equal.

Women of power cannot be the little ladies. Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, has refused Trump’s manhandling. She is ever so nice as she firmly checkmates him at every turn. She frustrates him because she won’t be manhandled.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi checkmates Trump at every turn, usually with Vice President Mike Pence in the middle, silent and laying in the cut.

I think the men of America, particularly the old men of America who are used to women being second-class citizens, are running scared and so they turn to the laws of abortion to let women know that they are the men in charge and they will dictate to women about their bodies as women gain in education, and power.

Please gentlemen, sit down. No way.

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