Slavery Separation At The Border


It is a damn shame what President Donald Trump is doing to the immigrants at our southern border. Separating families and putting people in cages and covering them with aluminum blankets is unthinkable.

Trump is not a politician. He is a businessman who has made the government his business. But why are we surprised at this modern day cruelty? It is identical to what this country did to slaves to destroy the family unit.

Slaves were separated at the time they were put on the ships to America. When they got to the American shore, they were separated again. Sometimes these separations were tribal, sometimes family, and sometimes gender. The African immigrant could probably count on three separations.

This killed kinship of any kind and made the foreigner not only a slave on foreign soil, but also a solo person. New relationships were forged with strangers in the same predicament. Like people got together for a variety of reasons.

Can you imagine the fear, the anger, the danger that these people must have felt? Not to speak of the poverty conditions, the lack of food, the lack of clothes, the lack of warmth. Not to speak of the rapes by the slave owners.

How long do we allow Trump to unleash this human horror on an innocent people?

It is a terrible thing to separate a young child from his parent, particularly his mother. What does he do? How does he live? At best he becomes anxious, confused and unclear and begins negative adjustment. These people become estranged.
This government is wrong to put people in cages like captured animals. It is inhumane. How could you is the obvious question, and hasn’t American grown beyond its slavery behavior.

Trump is turning America’s clock backwards. I do not understand how Congress and the Senate tolerate this behavior. They appear helpless as they appear on TV to speak of the horrors of Trump.

Trump listens to his daughter and his wife on this matter. What would he do if his children were in such a situation? Trump’s wife is an immigrant. Trump himself is a third-generation immigrant. You would think his background and marital situation would make him sensitive, but not necessarily so. So, did the back of Melania’s $39.95 coat mean, “I don’t care. Do you?” Who is The First Lady addressing?

The Trump administration has given the white racists of the world permission to restore their hateful ways, but the people probably won’t have it. Sometimes it looks like this country will see another civil war.

Trump has killed the Republican Party, making the party Trump’s Tribe. He blames the Democrats for everything, and clearly does not understand the law. He does not want to be Trump the President; he wants to be Trump the King. He barks his orders and wants it done.

Throughout the years as I have studied slavery and the holocaust, the world’s worst atrocities, I have wondered how could these horrific crimes be brought on a people. Why did people turn their heads? Why did people bow their heads? Why didn’t people speak up? Why didn’t people fight? How did governments ignore?
I now have the answer. How long do we allow Trump to unleash this human horror on an innocent people, who have done nothing but seek freedom? How long?

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