The President and The Porn Queen

Stormy says she spanked Donald with this magazine.

Watching the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is like viewing a political drama. The dramatic series could be “As the White House Turns.” It has everything you need for a great saga. There is power, money, sex and the imagination of what goes on behind closed doors of power.

The President of the United States may go down over a woman. The porn queen, Stormy Daniels, turned the Donald on with a spanking, no less, with a Forbes Magazine as he graced the front cover. Wow, that must be exciting.

He paid her $130,000 a few weeks before the 2016 presidential election to hush and not tell of his indiscretions as his third wife, Melania, nursed their newborn. But Trump says he didn’t know about it because his fix-it lawyer, Mr. Michael Cohen, took care of it. That means that he paid Daniels’ bill and Trump did not necessarily know that he paid it. The question is, where did the funds come from? Was it Cohen’s personal money? Was it campaign money? Or, perhaps Trump had a special bad boy special fund.

Trump is making President Richard Nixon look like a good guy. We thought “Deep Throat” was bad.

Meanwhile, the feds, the FBI want answers, real answers. So, in the wee small hours of the morning they raid Cohen’s office, home and hotel to retrieve the files, so they can get their answers. Cohen, the President’s personal lawyer and good friend, was treated just like a thug by the President’s very own men. Wow.

And now they may find their answers. If campaign funds were used to pay Ms. Daniels, Trump’s in trouble. But if his lawyer acted on his behalf, as he has done before, maybe Trump is protected by not being knowledgeable. Perhaps the lawyer was doing what a good lawyer does and that is protecting the guilty and saving the bad boy from himself. After all, Trump was headed for the White House just weeks before the funds were issued.

And then Ms. Daniels said she did not have a signed contract, so her code of silence is void. Wow. And so now she may remove the Donald from his power seat. Her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, is no slouch and in no way appears to be backing down. At any cost he wants to depose the President of the United States. Wow. And he might just do it.

So now, where does this all lead? Is this about forcing President Donald Trump to resign the presidency, making him perhaps the second president in history to do so? After all, Trump is making President Richard Nixon look like a good guy. We thought “Deep Throat” was bad.

Or is this about having enough evidence on the president to force the legislators to impeach him? Or is this about Ms. Daniels wanting more money not to tell her hidden secrets? No matter what Daniels does, she will make a bundle. A book is more than likely forthcoming and indeed the big screen will come calling, and then there are more porno movies for her to produce. From this, she might just win an Academy Award and come to the legitimate big screen and forget about the porno stuff. Hollywood could not write a better script.

Trump has killed the Republican Party, or has he transformed it? As we consider war with the North Koreans and tariffs with the Chinese, we are seeing the infancy of business transformation worldwide. Trump is trying to change the rules.

But then as we watch this soap opera play out, the oldest trick in the book is also presented. The President and the Porn Queen. Wow.

Stormy Daniels

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