Is he really THE ONE?

You met him through mutual friends or maybe on Facebook. He reached out to you. You weren’t really looking for anything. But…he was intriguing. And he seemed to be genuinely interested in you. You gave it a chance and went out on a date. The date went well enough and you felt like this was something you should pay attention to. On paper, he seems like the perfect guy. So, why aren’t you more excited about it? About him? Why don’t you miss him when you go without speaking for a while? Why don’t you get butterflies when you do speak to him? He’s a good catch. He’s a good guy. You should be into him. But, you’re not. All of your friends tell you how lucky you are to have met a man who’s actually single, unattached, successful, caring and thoughtful. And he wants YOU.

Yet…something is missing and you actually feel guilty about it. You really want to like him. He could be the ONE…he SHOULD be the one.

But he’s not.

And that’s ok.

The ONE actually does exist. (There may even be many “ONEs”) And he’s worth waiting for. You’ll know it when you find him, because you will have to check yourself on a regular basis. You’ll have to tell yourself to calm down… you can’t be in love already. You’ll ask yourself if he’s really that fine or if you’re just infatuated. You’ll wake up thinking about him and you’ll go to sleep thinking about him. And if he’s really the one, He’ll feel the exact same way about you. Every time you interact with him, you come away with something. He adds to your life. Whether it’s motivation, a joke, support when you’ve got that stressful presentation, a book he recommends to you when you talk about your goals or just the way his face lights up when he sees you, You know you’re important to him. He shows you in a multitude of ways. When you’re with him, there’s Laughter, Sensuality, Respect, Inspiration, Adoration, Motivation, Fun, Spirituality. When he’s the ONE, you experience all of these emotions with each other and more.

So many times women settle because we buy into the myth that there are no good men out there. So, when a decent one does come our way, we feel like we need to hold on to him and make it work. Make the best out of it. But, if we do that, we remain unfulfilled. Always wondering if there is something more or if this is all there is. The answer is YES. There is something more. Much more. And it’s worth waiting for.

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