N’Digo Eye On Chi: Jimmy “In The Gym” Smith-Announcer

Its early July summer time in the Chi and we’re are headed four deep in a car with no AC. It was so hot the dog on the greyhound bus was riding inside. We are trying to make it to the summer league basketball games at IIT. We finally make it; both parking lots are almost full. We finally find a spot and get out. The closer we getting to the gym the EL train pass overhead. You couldn’t here the person next to you talk. But you heard a voice coming from the speakers in the gym. That voice was no other than Jimmy “In The Gym” Smith. Jimmy’s has been to Chicago basketball as to what Harry Caray was to baseball in Chicago. Harry has “Holy Cow” and Jimmy has “In The Gym.” They both give you chills when you hear them say it. He’s a living legend. He might says he’s not. But he is our go to voice for games in Chicago for over 30 years. So everybody have a seat because you’re in for a treat. While N’Digo Eye On The Chi presents to Jimmy “In The Gym.”

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