Who Won The 2016 Presidential Election?

Presidential Election

The presidential election of 2016 is historic and will be studied for years to come. Who won?

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, won the popular vote. Republican candidate Donald Trump won the Electoral College. There indeed is something wrong with this picture as the pundits provide analysis.

There is a major focus now trying to get members of the U.S. Electoral College to change their vote, arguing that Clinton should be the next president because 60.47 of Americans voted for her. Hillary could still win the election.

The college is part of the Constitution and is composed of 538 members, with each state and the District of Columbia having one member, or electorate, for every Senate or House lawmaker. Trump won 290 of the so-called electoral votes, where a minimum of 270 are needed to be elected.

On December 19, the Electoral College certifies the vote. If there is “change” in how the electors vote, the results of the election could change. It has never been done before, but it is possible.

There is mystery about the Electoral College and for the most part John Q. Public is in the dark in its understanding of the electoral college of 538.

The Electoral College was put into place to protect the southern landowners from the former slaves who had become freedmen and who outnumbered the Whites. The gesture was to protect White Southern male owners and they created what amounts to a private secret society that “selects” the President and Vice President of the United States with certification of the popular vote.

It is an antiquated system that has outlived its usefulness. It is time for change. Popular candidates often talk about change, but it really is the system that requires the most change.

Many young voters are in protest mode, and rightfully so because the winner lost. And many voters are questioning the value of the popular vote in the first place. Does it really count?

The Ugly American

Presidential ElectionThis election brought out the ugliness of America. Donald Trump’s appeal was to rural America, the blue-collar white worker, and his election was based on fear.

His negative campaign united white America and reached deep for the “forgotten” American. The issues were not discussed; he provided shorthand slogans with reality TV candor.

He painted Hillary Clinton with character and trust issues. He addressed the international enemy and said the Mexicans were responsible for America’s social ills. He appealed to the fear factor and it worked.

The African-American vote is down and Obama did not transfer his “legacy” to African-American voters. Hillary did not create a “women’s movement.” Older white women did not vote Clinton. Black women did.

Hillary Clinton won the election. She was “elected” by the people of the United States. Trump was “selected.”

The Obama movement did not become the Clinton movement. Many remember President Clinton’s legacy more so than Obama’s. Many discussed Clinton’s three strikes and you’re out law, which has jailed a generation of Black males.

The Trump campaign was disruptive. Moving into the White House is an Independent. He is not Republican, although his rough and tough rhetoric has united the populist section of the Republican Party. He is not a Democrat.

He is practical. He painted himself as the billionaire who understood the blue-collar guy. He turned blue states to red states with a bigot’s appeal. The media loved it because it was good for ratings.

Mr. Trump received celebrity media treatment, causing him not to spend as much as he should have for television commercials. His every move was covered. His outrageous statements were never challenged, just reported.

The Media

The mainstream media is off base and does not reflect the American public. The media is having a private conversation on TV. John Q Public is not to be found in the discussion. The media is off base.

The polls missed it. Who are they polling? The media asks the same people the same question and their answers failed. They missed the real public.

Not one major newspaper in America endorsed Donald Trump. The Ku Klux Klan paper, the Crusader, endorsed him. The media is not recognizing the real action of social media. Trump was directly communicating through Twitter.

hillary clintonThe analysis and pundits we are listening to are wrong. Hillary Clinton won the election. She was “elected” by the people of the United States. Trump was “selected.” This election has brought forth the purpose and value of the antiquated Electoral College.

So, who won the election of 2016?

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