Trump’s New Politic

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The 2016 presidential election will be studied for years to come. It is historic.

It is the year that campaigning changed because a man named Donald Trump entered the race. It is the year that changed because the Democratic candidate was a woman, Hillary Clinton.

The campaign has been a busy one, filled with innuendos more than facts. It has been a campaign more like a political-reality-soap-opera rather than a real political campaign.

Campaigning has become a dirty business and the best and the brightest will probably stay away from politics because of what it has become. It is a rich man’s game. The billionaires enter the race for different reasons than the “good citizen” looking to improve mankind.

The media has made Trump, and they allowed him to get out of control. They gave him a pass in the beginning by not taking him seriously, but reporting on him constantly. They made everyone react to his madness, which was more Trump coverage. The media even reacted to Trump, hanging onto his every word and seemingly amazed at his non-traditional out of the box ways.

Whether we like it or not, Trump has given us new lessons this political season. Here’s Trump’s brand of politics. These are the new 12 rules.

Donald Trump

1. You don’t have to be qualified to run for office. You don’t even have to be of the party you claim you are running for. Just run and make up your platform as you go along.

2. Be a loud blabbermouth. Talk, talk, talk. You don’t have to make sense, just talk for the cameras.

3. You don’t have to speak facts, just talk and see what sticks. The idea here is to address noteworthy issues like immigration and racism enough for the press to cover you. Saying bizarre things are good. Act like you know the solution to problems. Be confrontational.

4. You don’t have to be responsible for what you say. There is no accountability.

5. Be insulting. It will get you at least a three-day press cycle to encourage discussion and conversation. The comedians will make fun of you on the late night talk shows. And Saturday Night Life will make you a character. Being popular is good.

6. Have a distinctive look and a great slogan, like “Make America Great Again.” This suggests America lost its greatness. No one will ever ask you for the real meaning.

7. Use the hell out of social media and Twitter. Use social media 24 hours a day to make your own personal comments and statements.

You don’t have to speak facts, just talk and see what sticks.

8. Attack people personally. It’s okay, they will probably be too polite to attack back.

9. Stay away from the script, so the media will never ever be able to predict your moves.

10. Hold press conferences at your place of business so that you maximize your brand name, no matter the relevancy or appearances of conflict of interest. It’s okay to be who you really are. It’s about branding, stupid.

11. Make up your own polls. When they say you are losing, you say you are winning.

12. Stay positive at all times. Spin your stuff.

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  • I think your article on Trump follows the CNN (CLINTON NEWS CHANNEL) vernacular. There was a time when equal time in the media was a staple during election season. To be fair (of course fairness to both candidates in the media is a misnomer these days) I would like to submit my version of HRC’s contribution to this historic presidential race. I dare you to comply.

  • Ms. Hartman,

    You’ve hit every point possible in your listing…and you’ve hit them well.

    That politics on the high level (and the lower level, but with less impact) is now truly showing it is a rich man’s game is something with which we’ll be getting even more familiar: The highest [official] office in the United States and, arguably, in the world, has elected a man that many feel is not even qualified to be in the race–let alone win.

    Donald Trump has not only run; he has won. Although a man with less means would still be able to be in the race–even if limping through–to have the means that a man of Donald Trump’s level has enables one to say what he wants, when he wants, and, most importantly, how he wants. And the reason for the non-huge-negative reaction? The thing is, is that there have been huge negative reactions to him…but none were able to put him in a position where he felt wounded enough to fall back. His financial holdings and his ability to regain any he might lose in the future allows him the comfort of a no-consequence entitlement. This bodes well for many at his level.

    That said, Donald Trump and his followers have remained in the game until the end and has come out victorious for their persistence. This is going to be interesting to see how his term shakes out. Though I am a bit upset and, as well, a bit stunned, I am truly curious to see how Donald works this.

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