Diana at Ravinia. . .

Diana Ross appeared in all of her splendor at Ravinia, with a debut performance. There was not a spot of grass uncovered, not an empty seat. Chicago and the suburbs were in attendance in force with a sold out house. Picnic baskets, lawn chairs, fine dining were all in place hours before she hit the stage. And then she appeared with the magic. At every song the audience, of all ages, jumped up, danced and swayed and joined in the sing along. Not to disappoint she made three fab changes, from teal sequins to black and finally to a silver gown, all with awesome draped wraps. She wore wedges rather than stilettos, better to move across the stage, with my dear. And a large black fan accompanied to keep the heat down. Fabulous indeed, Diva very much so, and this won’t be her last time at Ravinia, for sure. Ms. Ross, will be the guest performer at this year’s Urban League Dinner in November as they celebrate 100 years

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