The Wild Trump and the “B” of Hillary

Donald Trump is wild. You don’t know what he is going to do or say. Who will he attack next?

As the traditional Republican politicians played it safe, diplomatic, maybe even politically correct as they staked out their “conservative” positions, Trump has played the wild reality card and won. He may go all the way to the White House and become the next President of the United States.

The Republican Party is disrupted, no matter what. Trump came with a bomb and he dropped it, telling them in so many words they did not know what they were doing.

donald-trump-ndigo-chicagoThe press is eating out of his hand and covering his every move. The stations run on the nightly news “The Trump Show,” like a soap opera, providing an unnecessary amount of coverage. How could he lose?

As the pundits and the experts sit and talk about the upcoming election, the conversation is what did Trump do wrong and they give his negative factor. It’s the wrong question and wrong analysis.

The question is, what did Trump do right. Positive factor. They will write books about this for a long time, because he has stumped the pros.

He has not followed the traditional protocol. No tax returns. No real platform. No agenda, other than what he is against.

Trump is an entrepreneur, which means being resourceful and working with what you have to make your way. He does not wait; he just moves forward. He is aggressive.

Trump has appealed to the American public uniquely, hitting the nerve of those who believe as he does, and thousands gather to hear him in stadiums.

He is the ultimate salesman. He is making a deal. He is selling. Trump will treat this summer’s Republican National Convention as a big sales exposition, and boy, is he in his element there.

He will hire the right ones to work the floor for the votes and get the best of the pros to work the backrooms to get his votes. He will work the process. He will make the deals.

The Hillary vs. Trump Debate

hillary-clinton-ndigo-chicagoTrump is quick on his feet, so I am anxious for Hillary Clinton in a one on one debate with Trump.

The unspoken rule in the Barack Obama camp as he ran for the White House was not ever for any reason to become the “angry Black man.”

The unspoken rule for Hillary will be not to become the “Bitch.” She cannot get shrill and angry, no matter how many times Trump speaks negatively about her husband and his presidential politics, his womanizing, his policies.

It will be hard for her to restrain, but restrain she must. And if Bill protects his wife, comes at Trump to say leave my Hillary alone, she will appear weakened because it will look like she can’t handle herself.

If she gets mad and strikes out at Trump – which I think she should – she will be the “Bitch.” But Hillary is thoughtful and probably too much of a lady to talk about Mrs. Trump’s nude photos. Will she go there? Probably not.

Political candidates are interesting characters. They have to make themselves appealing and thoughtful and considerate as they appear before the public.

They have to kiss babies and eat tons of the local food and have a permanent smiley face as they always need to appear bright and fresh.

Trump seems to be having a ball in the limelight, while Hillary seems to be making the effort. Trump is of his time. He is reality TV. He is Mr. Walking Disruption, but he is appealing to those he appeals to.

He has conquered social media with his tweets to express himself and communicate to his followers, so much so that they become news.

As candidates run these days, it is about image, personality and appearance. What do they look like? Policies and platforms become secondary in the political market place.

The newscasters ask the wrong questions. Trump dominates the conversation with his antics. His dogmas dominate. We are in a new era.

My question to Trump is, will you live in the White House or tear it down and make it a Trump Tower? The next question is, will we have a new reality show from the White House?

However it goes, whoever wins, Trump has brought forth a new day in American politics.

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  • Hillary is too much of a lady – ?????????????????????? What? Hillary not only stayed with a philandering with a capital P husband, she stayed with him to become a Senator, a Secretary of State, and trying to become a President. Women would love to have a female president, just not her. She should be embarrassed that she doesn’t have the support of women all across the United States. She should be embarrassed that her husband was a 24/7 skirt chaser. She stayed with him to further her own political ambitions, because she would never be elected to anything if she left him. Perhaps it is wrong to attack Hillary for Bill’s philandering, but it is correct to attack Hillary on the fact that not only did she stay, which some people will overlook, but more importantly, that she tried her best to destroy the women involved. Hillary has failed at everything, and has actively tried to ruin the lives of anyone who gets in her way. This is an extremely poorly written article, with information in it that has been written hundreds of times before.

    • Dear Ms. Beck.

      Sorry you think the article was poorly written. I agree with all that you have said. I don’t know why they are not playing up the significance of Mrs. Clinton being the First Female President. She should be judged on her own merit and not her husband’s. Wonder what would happen if they take a deep dive on Trump’s wives.

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