Bouncy Beyoncé and Panther Thoughts

by Lorenzo Clemons



I was asked by a good friend, who I respect greatly, to give my opinion about a Black man talking about the Super Bowl half time show by Beyoncé that seemed to honor the Black Panther Party.  My response:

How way off is this man and his commentary?  He misses the point completely.   Let me start by saying I am no fan of Beyoncé and as I made note I thought it was truly inappropriate for what she wore  (suggestive clothing not the beret or the Afro Puffs).

To make a big deal about someone bringing up a 50 year old history about the Black Panther party, it is appropriate to do so and no you cannot equate this attempt at history reveal in the same way as the KKK or Nazi Germany.  Yet in the case of Nazi Germany, we hear about the holocaust and are always implored to never forget.

The greater tragedy is the slave business that was America for so many years. This slave trade disrupted families, treated humans as cattle and sold human beings, and yet we are to forget!  Nope, I will not forget.

It is obvious when it comes to African American determination, people do get bent out of shape and for the life of me I do not know why.

There are plenty of unique problems in the Black community that takes conversation, impact, and rededication of effort on the part of the Black Community.

But to get on the Net and spew this nonsense about Black double standards, is just that nonsense.

You don’t think the nonsense is real when people throw out names such as Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Malcolm X or any person of color that is deemed radical to the taste of the general public?  Those names are evoked to enlist the reaction it most times receive and that is of distain from the general public (a place to hide racial discomfort)!  What do you think if the world was fair and slavery did not exist as it did in America, would we even be having this discussion, I think not.

super-bowl-50-halftime-NDIGO-CHICAGOThe Black Panther Party, which I did not join, or supported, was too radical in my opinion but they had a place and purpose. This group did not advocate killing anyone; they supported self-defense and self-determination (again that makes the majority community nervous).  They spoke to the issues of education, hunger and health this should not make any group or person uncomfortable unless they think as the slave master did – property not humans.

Don’t take it personal when I say these things, after all it is coming from a man who has attempted to do all things by the rules.  If I told you more than once about the level of discrimination and mistreatment you would say “come now it could not have been that bad, look at you now”.  It was that bad, however when you are taught that a higher power rules your destination you adjust and keep moving forward with eyes wide open.

We live in a world that has made statements about the first African American President Barack Obama that is an insult to any real sane intelligent thinking human being, yet many sane/intelligent people have stood on the sidelines and not challenged this inane exercise in race baiting.  People get all too comfortable by cover with “this is not about race”, yes it is about race.  Race is all that matters in this society we live in.  That is the battle to maintain a since of appropriate and intelligent conversation with all the vitriol.

I don’t need people to amen me when I make a point on race relation; I just want them to speak in fairness without personal animosity.   How many times have someone tried to start a conversation about race with “I don’t mean you but those people”?  Well I am those people and truth be told, we all are those people!

It was supposed to be about football, it was supposed to be about a fair election, it was supposed to be about better health insurance, it was supposed to be about fairness with who you love, it was suppose to be about senior care, it was suppose to be, never mind it never is about any of that when we lead with unfairness and suspicions.

The Carolina quarterback would never equal the Denver quarterback even if he won, he was already loosing.  Bruno Mars and Beyoncé where thrown in for Cold Play to color it up, yet endless TV commercials (most dumb as a box of rocks) was really void of people of color.  In fact when the defensive MVP should have had his glory, he was trivialized as they could get to the Denver quarterback who was terrible in his application of the game.

So when opinionated Black people spew the Tea Party/Republican party line I am not impressed.  Make no mistake, I will listen to what you have to say till the end and as a favor to you try to help you view the truth, as I know it to be.  How do I know it, I have lived it and be glad I was not Nat Turner!  Oops there I go going back into history, no problem the movie is coming to a theater near you!




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