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Chicagoland resident Jacinta Mercier-Fisher is passionate about creating new experiences people love and enjoy sharing. From walking the runway to showcasing her attention to detail on beautifully created sets, design has been a part of Jacinta’s life for over 15 years.

As the Lead Design Consultant for Mora Arts & Interior Design (M.A.I.D.) and working as an Event and Marketing Coordinator, Jacinta Mercier-Fisher is constantly engaging with and being inspired by other top designers in her industry. Jacinta has brilliantly conceived elegant solutions for a wide variety of interior spaces and happily embraces projects both large and small.

What was the inspiration behind starting JMF Interior Design?

I have been around the beauty of design and fashion for more than 15 years being a professional model and having my first job at a men’s custom clothing store. You can sort of say the desire has lived within me for some time now. But on May 1st of last year, I had a light bulb moment while cooking in my kitchen. I had been working with a friend’s company as her in-house designer, while also helping family and friends decorate their homes. As the marketing professional who helps others start their businesses it occurred to me that I need to create a company of my own. Ten months later, JMF Interior Design was born and I’ve literally hit the ground running. I’ve not only turned my passion of decorating into a successful business, but I have also created a home decor line called JMF Home that features luxury soy candles and home decor accessories including throws, pillows and duvets.

What’s the biggest lesson learned since undertaking your new venture?

My biggest lesson learned thus far has simply been to just believe in yourself. You have to remember to step out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

In your opinion, what’s a common misconception people have about interior design?

A lot of people assume that interior designers are not affordable and only for the rich. Totally not true! Most designers will work within your budget. You just have to do your research and take the first step and make the call.

How do you balance being a wife, mother, and business owner?

Oh it is definitely hard, believe me, But I’ve found that being organized and having a wonderful support system with family and friends that you can count on helps. From my husband, to my children, everyone plays a part and that support allows me to work crazy hours sometimes. I set my clients schedule around my children’s school schedule and I plan out meals for the week, so even of I am not home my family can enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Is there a quote or affirmation that you swear by?

I have so many affirmations that I swear by and use as constant reminders but my favorite at the moment is simply to: just ask for want you want. You may be told no but if you’ll never know. Who knows…you might just get a yes that can turn your life around.


What’s the last great book you read?

“It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be” by Paul Arden.

Who was your celebrity crush as a teen?

It was ALL about K-Ci when he was in Jodeci.

In a movie on your life, who would you want to play you?

Believe it or not…Julia Roberts

What are three things that’s hot?

A nice champagne. Killer accessories. Family life.

What are three things that’s not?

Negative people, #OscarsSoWhite, Putting limits on yourself.

Name something that people would be surprised to know about you?

How absolutely silly I am and that I can make a very good Fire Marshall Bill face from the show “In Living Color”.

What’s on the horizon for JMF Interior Design?

I have a very big project I’m a part of that I can not mention at the moment, but the world will see very soon! Also, I am working on launching our popular Candle No.1 in a travel size and producing our Candle No.2 candle, which is set to launch in March.


Facebook / Instagram / Twitter : @JMFInteriorDesign

Photos by Keith Walker

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