The Mayor Caves…

The people were heard. A besieged Mayor Rahm Emanuel fired Police Chief Garry McCarthy. He was under pressure from all quarters – protestors, the business community, ministers, fellow politicians, the media, but most of all the people. There are many lessons to be learned here.

The mayor supported McCarthy until he couldn’t. Public pressure was too much. The mayor succumbs to pressure; we have seen it for the second time. The first was the April runoff for the mayor’s election. Trying to get the vote, Rahm said he would change, he would listen more. Really.

The protest march on Black Friday along the Magnificent Mile was effective. The stores were negatively impacted, reportedly losing 25 to 50 percent of revenue on the first day of the holiday shopping season. I am sure the business community’s calls to City Hall were well heard.

McCarthy is a sacrificial lamb, though his resignation is not unwarranted.

The crowd has been calling for the resignation of Anita Alvarez, the firing of McCarthy, and the impeachment or resignation of the mayor. The marching was successful. The protesters have won a round.

They will win another one when Alvarez leaves office shortly, either through her own resignation or from losing her bid for re-election as Cook County State’s Attorney in March of 2016.

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