Young Womens Leadership Charter School: Annual Luncheon

June 12, 2014
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By Jordan A. Porter-Woodruff         JAPWoodruff@gmail.com


In its 6th year the Young Women’s Leadership Charter School has had another successful luncheon. Taking place on April 9th at Downtown Chicago’s Hilton, it was headlined by Linda Johnson Rice, Chairman of Johnson Publishing Company, LLC and successfully raised over $500,000 in donations. The room was lively and more than sociable as students showcased their work and experiments to more than interested spectators. The showcase was then followed by the luncheon where guests dined and talked positively about the hard-work and effort that the students, faculty and donors have put in to create and continue to allow YWLCS to thrive for 14 years.

Founded in 1999 YWLCS is the only all-girl public school in the Chicago area and encourages students to study hard and to be the best they can be in order to become leaders in math, science and technology careers where minority women have been under represented. Student, and opening speaker Shadia Wilcox said in an interview, “I want to major in Computer Science because I want to develop my own computer and software.” Shadia will be attending University of Southern Mississippi in the fall. There is little doubt when it comes to knowing that YWLCS and its students have a supremely bright future and will continue to gain support from those who believe and recognize the great work being done there everyday.



Linda Johnson Rice and Jesse White Jesse White – IL Secretary of State Linda – Chairman of Johnson Publishing Company


Linda Johnson Rice with YWLCS Senior Charnae Caldwell (one of the student speakers) Linda, Chairman of Johnson Publishing Company

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