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The Way I See It:
Observations On Osama,
Obama & Trump

By Derrick K. Baker

In no particular order, here are my current -- and sometimes evolving -- perspectives on a few hot, divisive and ongoing topics of the day.

Think of this column as a blogger's delight rather than the duly researched and typically substantiated writings of experienced columnists who are disappearing faster than common sense.

Which leads me to my first point ...

  • ... blogging is to columnists what Donald Trump is to authentically self-made multimillionaires.
  • An obtuse and self-absorbed real estate baron, The Donald would never admit that there's absolute and provable truth that he was born on third base rather than him hitting a triple - no matter how ridiculously smart, smartly dressed, limitlessly intuitive and prescient he thinks he is.
  • As a member of the group Trump recently called "the Blacks," I don't know whether to laugh uproariously at him for saying anything to get media attention for his obviously fake interest in a presidential bid, or if I should get pissed off because he not only played the race card in questioning
    the president's grades and Obama's place of birth, but he played the whole damn loaded deck.

  • "The next time I walk into a Trump-owned property, or purchase any product or service that he has anything to do, with will be the last time."

  • On second thought, I am in touch with my thoughts about Trump: He's a callous, opportunistic, thin-skinned, megalomaniacal, avaricious, cold-blooded conqueror who has pimped the concept of capitalism, democracy and free will to the point that he has rendered himself nebbish to virtually anyone who doesn't wear a gaudy toupee, who is also freakishly rich and who doesn't watch The Apprentice. But conservatives love him.
  • My guess is that Trump won't run for president because he knows he could never pass the background and smell tests outside of the opinions of the sycophants on his payroll.

    In one example that he's not without failures and suspect decision making unfitting of the presidency, the Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino relied on a partnership with two investors reputedly linked to the mob, which prompted regulators in New Jersey to force Trump to buy out the Tony Soprano-like dudes with whom he shared a business bed.

  • The next time I walk into a Trump-owned property, or purchase any product or service that he has anything to do, with will be the last time.
  • I've added the Trump brand to my personal list of no-can-patronize entities, including Cracker Barrel, Texaco and Denny's. Can you say, "Boycott"?
  • Beginning immediately, elementary schools, high schools and colleges needs to add to their curricula a mandatory course that exclusively focus on teaching students how to conjugate verbs; the importance verb-subject agreement; and why leaving off the letter "s" where it belong and adding it to words where it don't undermine your personal brand and reputation despite the fact that you has earned a degree or diploma.
  • See how ignorant that last point sounded?
  • Our beloved elected officials in Washington, D.C., are full of crap when they contend they're representing their constituents' interests when they wage political war against the other party's interests and bills...even when the bills make sense and don't violate their sense of what this country needs on the path to recovery.
  • America's problem is that we've elected too many me-first, single-minded men and women whose inability and unwillingness to subjugate their delusions of grandeur and pomposity make it impossible for them to focus on anything but the power and influence they think they wield by virtue of the title before their name.
  • Despite the groundbreaking announcement Sunday night that American forces had killed the hated Osama bin Laden, among conservatives and rabid Tea Partiers, the fact that one letter will always separate "Obama" from "Osama" will remain as unnerving to them as anything else they could imagine -- including Osama's death during an Obama administration.
  • Is anyone going to collect the $25 million bounty America was offering for Osama?
  • Retaliation against the United States and U.S. interests abroad is a given.
  • How many Americans don't believe Osama is dead because they haven't and maybe will never see the corpse that was cleansed and buried at sea per Muslim tradition?
  • Osama's death just added percentage points to Obama's favorability rating and increased his
    re-election chances by a percentage that's proportional to the percentage of Americans who believe that Osama actually is a wet cadaver right about now.
  • As the NBA playoffs grind on, is it just me or do more than a few of the players appear to be competing in a "Who Has The Nappiest, Most Unkempt Facial Hair In The League" contest?
  • When 52-year-old grandfathers and 19-year-old sophomores jockey for the same job, we're in a recession marked by talented folks being grossly underemployed and devalued in the name of a paycheck.

  • (