Don't Kill My Chance

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Dreams, Visions and Nightmares seem to run rapidly through the minds of young children today. They are taught reaction instead of action. We must now

Trayvon Martin is the Emmett Till of 2013

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    The court decision on the trial of George Zimmerman on the murder of Trayvon Martin is insulting and disappointing. The verdict is in.

Don't Kill My Chance … Still Dre...

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    She dreamed a sea of dreams – wondered what they mean  – wandered in her dreams Life as it seems is not as

Soul Train + Smooth Jazz = Cruise Fever!

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SPECIAL SAVINGS ON CABINS USE CODE: NDIGO SAVE OVER $1000   SMOOTH JAZZ CRUISE: The Smooth Jazz Cruise presents the finest stars in the smooth

Artists on the Rise and Move, Literally!

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Known as one of the most popular art meccas in the country, Chicago has long been the home to a thriving and growing arts and

Taste of Chicago 2013 Features Cooking Demo...

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July 11th is THE day to go to the Taste of Chicago! Chef Julius will be leading a cooking demo at the Dominick’s Cooking Corner

Donley's Wild West Town: A World Away,...

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  So I’m telling Mike Donley in frustration that I didn’t make it until 2 p.m. to his Donley’s Wild West Town with my party

Marian Shields Robinson – The “Firs...

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                      For four years, Marian Shields Robinson lived in the White House with her daughter

SOJOURN: Renaissance Society 2013 Gala and...

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                        Date: Saturday, September 7, 2013 Time: 6:30 p.m. – Midnight Place: Block 37

Don't Kill My Chance … Life is B...

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Blazed Bullets. Generated Chaos. What this could be. Herein lies detriments; past times of catastrophe. Controversy stirs awakening ill-feelings, awakening loss, awakening further wants. Hearts

Don't Kill My Chance… I Want To ...

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Every action begins with a vision. Desires begin with an introduction to dream and inquire all possibilities. Dreams turn into motivation for achievement. Children are

Link Unlimited Proves Mentorship is Essenti...

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“I am going to fail.” I can remember those words ruminating through my head as I hesitantly flipped through the thick ACT packet, or as

ColorComm Launches in Chicago!

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Chicago’s 312 Restaurant, located in downtown South Loop, was the destination spot on May 9th for women of color in communications looking for a good

10 Black Child Geniuses You Should Know! Pt...

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If you only watched the evening news or depended on pop culture to paint a picture of young blacks, you would probably think that the

10 Black Child Geniuses You Should Know! Pt...

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If you only watched the evening news or depended on pop culture to paint a picture of young blacks, you would probably think that the

Don't Kill My Chance … Stop The ...

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It saddens me that as voices continue to communicate in various ways that there needs to be an end to violence, gun violence, senseless violence

Chicago Comic Craig Robinson Does A Star Tu...

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Laughing all the way to the bank!   Craig Robinson is without question one of today’s fastest rising comedy stars. Known for his roles, over

Recap: Leading Ladies International Hosts F...

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  April was National Stress Awareness Month and several recent studies have come to the same conclusion: women are feeling the pressures of stress more


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SMOKEY JOE’s CAFÉ is playing at the Royal George Cabaret, 1641 North Halsted. The show was just extended to June 30 by popular demand. It

Don't Kill My Chance … I Want To...

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                                      A musician can exude emotion with

Don't Kill My Chance! … I Want T...

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                  DON’T KILL HER CHANCE. Doesn’t she DESERVE the chance to live and accomplish her dreams? STOP

Don't Kill My Chance: DREAM

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  The Wonder Woman dreams have a way of tossing and turning themselves around and the times make requirements that we dream real dreams for

Art Activism with Jewelry Designer Oneka Ij...

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“Success is a progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.” – Earl Nightingale Nigerian jewelry designer, Oneka Ijeoma, owner and CEO of King Onye

Hollywood Film A-Lister Antoine Fuqua Direc...

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The Filmmaker’s Filmmaker: Antoine Fuqua   With films such as Training Day, Shooter, King Arthur and Brooklyn’s Finest, Antoine Fuqua is definitely one of Hollywood’s

Remembering Roger Ebert

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Roger Ebert was a prince of a guy.  He was absolutely delightful and insightful. A brilliant writer and beautiful soul was he. He literally took

Black Love: Meet The Garretts

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They met at a mutual friend’s party over two years ago. They flirted, greeting each other like they knew each other, when they really didn’t.

It’s STILL Better In The Bahamas!

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By Farrah Turenne As the Bahamas approaches the 40th anniversary of its independence, a massive campaign is underway to celebrate the historic event and make

Money, Who Needs It? You Do If You’re Goi...

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                            By Walter M. Perkins Writing a book, once the impossible dream

Actress Tina Lifford Uplifts with 'The...

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SOMEBODY ALMOST WALKED OFF WID ALLA MY STUFF! This line from Ntozake Shange’s artistic and in-your-face 1975 body of work, for colored girls who considered

Give Her Flowers, The Right Way

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Love is in the air and florists are busy filling Valentine’s Day orders, but many consumers have learned the hard way that everything doesn’t always