The Mayoral Election

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The Mayoral election is February 24.  Rahm Emanuel will return as the boss of City Hall.  The other four candidates make sense, but none have

The State of Illinois Has A New Governor

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The State of Illinois has a new Governor. Republican Bruce Rauner won 
with 51 percent of the vote. Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn lost with 46

The outreach African Americans are noticing

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By Gianno Caldwell Over the past couple of years I have noticed a true shift in national and local politics. Republicans were historically the party

Bruce Rauner Is The Right Choice For Govern...

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The Blackmocrats

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During the past primary election in March, I provided professional outreach services to Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner to meet and have dialogue with various

Black United Fund: Record of Contribution S...

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In recent weeks, we have watched as the Sun-Times commits character assassination against highly respected people in the most cunning ways. Bottom line, the front

Sell In or Sell Out? – The Party ...

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  In the primary election on March 19, for the first time I, along with Mrs. Diana Rauner, another registered democrat, casted my ballot for

Do Chicago/Illinois Democrats Take the Blac...

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In the City of Chicago, the Republican Party doesn’t exist for all practical purposes.  In the State of Illinois only because of downstate are there

Hillary Clinton Next President of the Unite...

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                                      Hillary Clinton is the next President

Beanie Baby Justice – The Light and T...

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I am not a lawyer.  I am confused, John Q. Public. It seems to me that America has a double standard of justice. There is an adage

Arts Incubator: Off the Record Pt. 2: booke...

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Performers: avery r. young, Leroy Bach, and Coolout Chris Off the Record Pt. 2 is the second installment of performances celebrating the release of music/sound

Stony Island Renaming to Brazier Avenue is ...

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The main street, Stony Island, will  soon be renamed Bishop Arthur Brazier Avenue.  It is not without controversy.  Change is hard, even a street naming.

Marian Shields Robinson – The “Firs...

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                      For four years, Marian Shields Robinson lived in the White House with her daughter

Senator Kirk Meet Congressman Rush

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United States Senator Mark Kirk with Senator Dick Durbin by his side recently called for the US attorney nominee Zachary Fardon, to lock up gang