Ovani Di: Grabbing Life, Living It Fully

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  On Monday mornings, some people will tell you what they did on their weekends: went skiing, mountain climbing, painted a deck, did charity work,

Love Cork Screw: Wine For The Whimsical

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An Event Within A Bottle   “Give me coffee for the things I can change and wine for those that I can’t.” I lifted this

N'Visions: Detroit Entrepreneur Tia Sh...

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Buy A Little, Give A Little: The Relationship Collection Launches Just in time for the Holidays! Detroit entrepreneur and Kidney Disease Advocate, Tia Shavonne launched

N'Style with Handbag Designer DeOndra ...

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She’s 21 and absolutely fearless when it comes to dictating her dream. Louisiana-bred and now New York based designer, Deondra Morris, debuted her handbag line,

The Legacy of Jacoby Dickens

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JACOBY DICKENS was the Chairman of Seaway Bank serving the South Side of Chicago.  Mr. Dickens lived from 1913 – 2013.  Upon retirement he moved

Money, Who Needs It? You Do If You’re Goi...

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                            By Walter M. Perkins Writing a book, once the impossible dream