don’t kill my chance

Don't Kill My Chance … Still Dre...

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    She dreamed a sea of dreams – wondered what they mean  – wandered in her dreams Life as it seems is not as

Don't Kill My Chance … Life is B...

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Blazed Bullets. Generated Chaos. What this could be. Herein lies detriments; past times of catastrophe. Controversy stirs awakening ill-feelings, awakening loss, awakening further wants. Hearts

Don't Kill My Chance… I Want To ...

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Every action begins with a vision. Desires begin with an introduction to dream and inquire all possibilities. Dreams turn into motivation for achievement. Children are

Don't Kill My Chance… I Want To ...

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                                Can I grow up? Can I live? Don’t take

Don't Kill My Chance … We Are Ar...

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  God’s creations; so we are art in human form. We have talents to offer the world. Skills that can build and drive business. Strengths

Don't Kill My Chance… I Want To ...

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   Words By Ashley ‘Snow’ Harris                     There are thousands of children this age who will

Don't Kill My Chance… I Want To ...

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                Her world has so much potential. Don’t allow her dreams to fade before she’s able to embrace

Don't Kill My Chance … Stop The ...

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It saddens me that as voices continue to communicate in various ways that there needs to be an end to violence, gun violence, senseless violence

Don't Kill My Chance … I Want To...

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                                      A musician can exude emotion with

Don't Kill My Chance! … I Want T...

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                  DON’T KILL HER CHANCE. Doesn’t she DESERVE the chance to live and accomplish her dreams? STOP

Don't Kill My Chance: DREAM

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  The Wonder Woman dreams have a way of tossing and turning themselves around and the times make requirements that we dream real dreams for