The Blackmocrats

Jun 08, 2014No Comments

During the past primary election in March, I provided professional outreach services to Republican governor candidate Bruce Rauner to meet and have dialogue with various

Racism: Nigger, Niggah, Ninja

May 22, 2014No Comments

By Lorenzo Clemons There seems to be a great consternation about the recent episode of a powerful person expressing views that most felt were gone

The Nina Simone Biopic Casting Controversy

Sep 06, 2013No Comments

Finally the Nina Simone story will be brought to the big screen. Filmmaker Cynthia Mort’s film Nina will open to anticipation and controversy that started

Governor Quinn Must Step In Chicago State U...

Mar 14, 20134 Comments

Havoc, confusion, chaos, power plays, conflict are words to describe the state of affairs at Chicago State University.  The drama played out Friday, March 1,