Six Vision Board Tips for Entrepreneurs

May 22, 2014
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“Sisters in success” and serial entrepreneurs Peytyn Willborn and Nikki Burnett have had their fair share of triumphs. From humble beginnings in housing projects, divorce and alleged racial discrimination,  these women’s upward trajectory proves that their resilience is unshakable.

Earlier this month, the savvy business women shared their secret to success: vision boards. The age old practice of attaching inspirational magazine and newspaper clippings to a flat board may seem easier than it really is. Willborn and Burnett hosted their first Vision Board Brunch at Sawtooth Restaurant  and Lounge to show a handful of aspiring business owners how to create the perfect vision board to help it become their reality.

1. Let Yourself Relax: “How can you be superwoman when you don’t have a hold of your stress,” Peytyn said.

She suggested posting pictures that reflect relaxation. Scheduling “me” time by either taking a long bath with your favorite shower gel, having a glass of your favorite wine from time to time, or spending a day with your gal pals. In the long run, it rids your mind of stress,  freeing it to focus on world domination!

2. Elevate your side hustle: A woman of many talents, Nikki manages to not only own and operate a successful venue, Society Art Gallery, but tend its bar as well.

“I wanted my business to be successful, so I learned how to do everything it took to run it, including bartending,” Nikki said.

Although she has launched other ventures, she said that the extra income from bartending on the side generates the residual income needed to fund her businesses.

“People ask me, ‘“You still do that?,”’ she said. “Yes, I do, and all of my bills are still paid because of it.”

3. Don’t be afraid to recreate yourself: Peytyn has seen her career morph over the years, and she makes no apologies for it. Starting as a celebrity hairstylist to comedian/actress MoNique, Peytyn stepped out on her own and dabbled in real estate, daycare ownership and even freight trucking.

“I saw other people doing it and excelling, and I knew that I could do it too,” she said while pointing to a picture depicting evolution.

4. Find a balance: Although she makes it look seamless, Nikki said that she actively practices balancing family and work duties.

“It’s not easy–but you have to prioritize and stay organized if you want everything to get done,” she said.

She suggested making lists and STICKING TO THEM. “It works.”

5. Hire the right staff:  Peytyn said that the best decision she has made in her professional life is meticulously choosing the right people to work for her.

“Your staff is the backbone of your business and if it breaks, you’re paralyzed,” she said.

She said that time should not be a concern when making the decision.

“Take your time, feel it out–because if you hire the wrong person, your time and money will be wasted in the long run,” she said.

Peytyn said that doing your homework, performing background checks and trusting your gut lead to successful recruiting.

6. Have a Vision: “Where there is no vision, people perish,” Nikki said, reciting a quote that she pasted on her board.

When launching her athletic themed clothing lines, Basketball Mom and Hooplyfe, Nikki said that she always knew that she envisioned their success before it came to fruition.

“I knew it was going to be successful because I refused to let it be anything else,” Nikki said.


Devise a plan, talk to people, and launch it.


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