SAR Production’s Screens Award-Winning Films ‘David Is Dying’ and ‘Sable Fable’ in New York and Chicago

December 2, 2013
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Participating in the African Diaspora International Film Festival, A Celebration of Black World Cinema Series and Dine-In Cinema Health Fest Along with a Special Meet and Greet for Filmmaker Stephen Lloyd Jackson
International production company, SAR Productions returns to the United States to showcase two of their multi-award winning films, “David Is Dying” and “Sable Fable” scheduled to screen consecutively over three evenings in New York and Chicago including a special meet and greet in New York at the beginning of December.  Both movies have scooped over 10 international film awards. They form the first two films that are a part of the ‘sex and race’ trilogy produced, written and directed by London based filmmaker Stephen Lloyd Jackson.
Kicking off the three day screenings as part of the first Dine-In Cinema Health Fest Series, “David Is Dying” will be screening at The Brooklyn Hospital Center, New York, NY in honor of World’s AIDS Day 2013. Following, there will be a Q&A with TBHC’s physicians and Jackson.  The film centers on a successful hedge fund manager, David Brown, who has just been told that he is HIV positive.  The film showcases his toxic yearlong journey of intense therapy sessions with his psychiatrist to deal with his anxieties. 
The most recent film, “Sable Fable” will screen twice at the African Diaspora International Film Festival in New York and a further screening in Chicago, presented by Inner City Entertainment (ICE) Theater’s annual Celebration of Black World Cinema series.  “Sable Fable” is the most recent and second installment of the ‘sex & race’ trilogy.  It is a beautiful story exploring the complex psychology of love and ethnicity amongst four different couples whose lives intertwine with one another through a series of unfortunate events.
“David Is Dying” New York screening:
Date: Monday, Dec. 2, 2013    Time: 5pm – 7pm (Dinner 5pm – 5:30pm)
Location: Auditorium, 3rd Floor – 121 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn, New York
Please Register at (718) 250-8344 or (718) 250-8391 Limited seats are available.
“Sable Fable” New York screenings:
Date: Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013    Time: 8:30pm – 10:30pm       
Location: Thalia Theatre at Symphony Space – 2537 Broadway at 95th Street, New York, NY
Date: Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013               Time: 6pm – 8:30pm
Location: Teachers College at The Chapel – 525 West 120th St., New York, NY
Screenings on December 3rd and 4th will be followed by a Q&A with Stephen Lloyd Jackson. New York screenings of Sable Fable are part of the 21st Annual African Diaspora International Film Festival (ADIFF) presenting an eclectic mix of urban, classic, independent and foreign films that depict the richness and diversity of the life experience of people of African descent and Indigenous people all over the world.
To purchase tickets: http://nyadiff.org/sable-fable/
New York Meet and Greet for Stephen Lloyd Jackson:
Date: Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013               Time: 9pm – Midnight
Location: Amarachi Lounge 325 Franklin Ave., New York, NY 
“Sable Fable” Chicago screening:
Date: Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013               Time: 7pm – 8:30pm
Location: ICE Theaters – Lawndale 10 – 3330 W. Roosevelt Road., Chicago, IL  
The screening is a part of ICE Theaters A Celebration of Black World Cinema series.  For more information: http://www.icetheaters.com
About “Sable Fable”:
‘Sable Fable’ is a beautiful story exploring the complex psychology of love and ethnicity amongst four different couples whose lives intertwine with one another through a series of unfortunate events.  The movie explores the lives of several couples intertwine through a complex web of love and infidelity in this intimate exploration of race and contemporary relationships.  At the center of this romantic network is blogger Dark Mark, whose profile as a writer is growing as his penetrating essays on race relations earn him a regular magazine column and a book contract.  When he leaves his girlfriend Vanessa for his white editor, a twisted, tragic fate awaits him and those he loves. 
About “David Is Dying”:
The thin veneer of youth, money, good looks and love are shattered when David is diagnosed with HIV. With his pregnant fiancée kept in the dark, David confronts the realization that he may have infected them as well. Sessions with a therapist become a narrative device that filmmaker Stephen Lloyd Jackson uses to document David’s descent into hedonistic despair.  “David Is Dying” is available on DVD exclusively from Amazon.co.uk, Createspace.com or stream it on www.sarondemand.com.
About SAR Productions and Stephen Lloyd Jackson:
Director of the film, Stephen Lloyd Jackson formed SAR Productions in 2010.  The company is a vehicle used to produce a trilogy of complex, character driven features about people from the African Diaspora living and working in London.  SAR Productions has produced two feature movies since its inception, David Is Dying and Sable Fable the latest feature installment.  Both movies have won a total of ten international film festivals awards, including a filmmaker’s honoree for Jackson at the 6th Cleveland International Film Festival.  Jackson has also won two Grand Jury Prizes at the 15th American Black Film Festival (ABFF) 2011 for best Director and Best Narrative Feature for director.  His most recent film Sable Fable was a part of the 49th Chicago International Film Festival in October 2013.
David Is Dying Trailer: http://youtu.be/mGWyfau_yIw

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