Ruby Dee: Legends Live Forever … "The Somebodiness of Me"

June 16, 2014
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Her work, her spirit and her authentic love for the arts and humanity, sparked an interest in Ruby Dee that became infectious. The flash of her smile and the depths of the characters she transformed into acknowledged a woman set forth with purpose and a mission. Her spoken word poetry elicits a sense of worthiness and cause … a definite round of applause.But that was never the reasoning behind her movements.A message was to be given and discovered whenever words extracted from her lips.

She was poetry. She was a body embodying art and activism. She was one-of-a kind. Rest in peace and paradise Ruby Dee. Your spirit still showers the Earth and your husband, Ossie Davis, now has his forever right next to him.

Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee

Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee




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