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In Washington park today interviewing on Black Lives Matter ... See MoreSee Less

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Old police uniforms from the 30s in the halls of police headquarters ... See MoreSee Less

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Can Michelle Obama sue Melania Trump? There is no doubt that Mrs. Melania Trump stole Michelle Obama's speech as they both talked about their husbands on the world stage. Michelle gave the winning formula and Melania borrowed from it. Surprise? Where are the handlers? ... See MoreSee Less

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The Republican Convention promises to be a hoot. Many of the people attending have never been to a convention before and Donald Trump For President will probably break many of the rules. And you cannot bring in glass bottles but a gun is okay. It probably will be like looking at a soap opera called The Changing Face of the Republican party. Great lessons in civics to be learned. ... See MoreSee Less

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9th Ward Alderman Anthony A. Beale HAS DECLARED WAR ON
Who: Englewood Political Task Force, P.E.A.C.E, Action Coalition of Englewood,Alderman Toni Foulkes, Alderman Rod Sawyer, and Community Residents.

Why: On June 22, 2016 an ordinance was introduced in Chicago City Council bestowing the honor of naming 65th street, between Halsted and Racine, Honorary Hal Baskin St. Signs with the name of Hal Baskin were placed along the designated area Friday July 1st and an official unveiling was held Saturday July 2, 2016.
Now comes word, Alderman Anthony Beale thinks there are too many honorary street signs along 65th Street. The city removed some of the signs today. The community is outraged. “What is the point in doing this after the signs have been printed and placed? asked Darryl Smith, spokesperson for the Englewood Political Task Force. It’s obvious Anthony Beale or someone he’s acting on behalf , has a bone to pick with Hal. This is a total disregard and blatant show of disrespect to the Englewood community and the Aldermen that represent the two wards.
Alderman Beal has angered the many residents of Englewood and throughout the city of Chicago whose lives Hal has touched. Hal has been a living example of what you can do when you turn your life around. If Anthony Beale wants a fight, we will give him one. This time, he have pushed us too far and we will push back..”
Contact: Darryl Smith, President of the Englewood Political Task Force
(773) 297-0526
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