N'Visions: Detroit Entrepreneur Tia Shavonne Partners with Kidney Foundation & Launches 'Relationship Collection'

December 9, 2013
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Buy A Little, Give A Little: The Relationship Collection Launches Just in time for the Holidays!

Detroit entrepreneur and Kidney Disease Advocate, Tia Shavonne launched the “Relationship Collection” nail polish line on November 30, 2013. Inclusive of 12 themed polishes and sassy lipsticks, the Relationship Collection is a fun way to subtly express your love life.

The Collection identifies with the various levels and status updates in relationships. The colors range from fun, bright and flirty like the “Tiffany Blue – Love Me Some Him” to sophisticated dark hues such as the “Mocca Brown – Single and Satisified”.

It’s a passion and vision that came to fruition over time but was propelled by the lost of Tia’s mother, Marilyn Robinson, due to a 25-year battle with Kidney Disease. Ms. Robinson, who loved painting her nails, made her transition on March 27, 2012 and the nail polish line is dedicated to her.

In partnership with the National Kidney Foundation in Michigan, Tia held an elegant ‘Relationship Collection’ launch event at Hotel St. Regis during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Guests were treated to a red-carpet styled photo-op, ladiescould flaunt their status at the “What’s Your Relationship Status?” photo area,  few stylists and nail technicians from  Paul Mitchell The School were on deck giving free hand massages, manicures, and light make-overs, in addition to a little shopping with local jewelry and accessory boutiques.

RC Signature Color; Orange: My First Love

RC Signature Color; Orange: My First Love

Introduced was the full line and highlighted was the signature Orange Polish – themed “My First Love” which also serves as the staple color for the Kidney Foundation.

“‘My First Love'”, just like any child is someone who loves you unconditionally and for me, that’s my mother,” Tia expressed on a brief biographical card given to attendees during the launch event.

100 bottles of the collections signature color was donated to the  Kidney Foundation. In addition, all proceeds made from the purchase of “My First Love”will benefit the Kidney Foundation through 2014!

Tia and the National Kidney Foundation continue to support one another. You can catch Tia at any of the walks organized by the foundation and you can count on the kidney foundation to work with Tia further – all in efforts to educate people on Kidney Disease.

The chemical-free  collection retails at $7 and includes: : “My First Love” (orange), “Love Me Some Him” (Tiffany blue), “He’s A Keeper” (dark blue), “Crazy “In Love” (red), “Fed Up” (black), “Secure” (purple), “Single & Satisfied” (brown), “Taken” (pink), “Boyfriend #2” (gold/brown), “It’s Complicated” (gray), “He Proposed” (white), and “The Boy Is Mine” (green).



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