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Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil

Good Hair is Healthy Hair

By LaToya Cross

Whether you wear your hair natural or add chemical, hair maintenance is so important. It's interesting how such things as hair tell a lot about your health. And not every head or scalp is the same.

When you're on the market searching for products it is imperative that you first have a consultation with your cosmetologists--for those who live by the 'do-it-yourself' regime, read, read, read the labels and conduct in-depth research before you go dibbling and dabbling into products that may cause more harm than good.

A common mistake is that we concern ourselves with the finished product of our hair, thinking if it looks good on the outside, then it's all good on the inside.

Ehn, wrong!

Just as we have to make sure our bodies are in good shape inside and out, we have to be sure that our scalps and precious head of hair is healthy inside and out as well. Outer-presentation can be deceiving. Beauty, in every capacity, truly breeds from within. (A little food for thought ).

Hair stylists and beauticians take note, be sure to consult and really have conversations with your customers about their hair. Inform them about products that would specifically cater to their needs and the outcome of healthy hair.

Elentee Soy Organics

As women, we often converse with our girlfriends over hair products and what works and what doesn't. Commercial advertisements always try to persuade and sale us on products and treatments as well Éthen we experiment.

Well, I have provided two products that just may be worth an experiment.

For the ladies who enjoy a silky feel and look to their hair, the Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil product may be what you're looking for.

The product line includes a no-lye conditioning relaxer that includes pro vitamins, hydrating sleek healing oil treatment, shampoo, conditioner, intense repair mask, sleek edge, and a hair styling shine mist.

Here's how to work your sleek:
Relax your hair using the Hawaiian Silky Argan Oil No Lye Condition Relaxer system. After relaxing hair, apply Hydrating Sleek Condition, rinse and dry your hair. Apply Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Healing Oil Treatment to your entire head, comb thoroughly and distribute evenly.

Dry hair completely using a blow dryer and paddle brush (SN: This is imperative! Blow-Drying hair properly determines the overall outcome and straightness of your hair.) For best results: blow dry hair in a downward motion to ensure smooth cuticles. Before adding heat to your hair i.e. flat ironing, re-apply Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Oil Treatment.

Now you may begin flat ironing by separating hair and ironing in small sections. Starting at the back, begin to flat iron sections smooth to your liking. Once completed, add a lasting style touch with Argan Oil Hydrating Sleek Shine Mist. The Mist adds a lustrous shine.

Elentee Soy Organics

Ladies rocking the natural, I didn't forget about you chicas!

Elentee Soy Organics Product Line provides health, protection and maintenance that will have your natural curls in check in no time!

This line is the newest from Vitale and offers hair care solutions and options to embrace your natural roots. Whether your hair is in its natural state or you're wearing locks, braids, wigs, or weaves, Elentee Soy Organics offers products to its consumers that take care of your style while leaving a beautiful natural look.

Elentee Soy Organics includes: Anti-Breakage Moisturizer, Waterless Shampoo, Locking Bees Wax, Braid Sheen, Weave Conditioning Shampoo, Braid Marinade, Twist & Lock Gel, and Wig & Weave Spray.

The Locking Bees Wax, Braid Sheen, Braid Marinade, Twist & Lock Gel, deeply penetrates the hair and scalp for immediate results with daily usage. These products are ideal for women who enjoy diversifying their look without necessarily bothering their hair.

For those who are making the transition from chemically treated hair to a natural look, the Anti-Breakage Moisturizer, Waterless Shampoo and Wig & Weave Spray is ideal for you. The products add moisture, body, shine, and detangles the hair.

Enjoy Beautifulz and Style your way!