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February 14, 2014
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Ask 100 people what love is and you will get 100 different answers. Love is king and queen. Love is a many splendor thing, one poet said. It is the strongest emotion there is, be it romantic, motherly, neighborly or friendship. Love is your canvas.

Love is powerful. Motherly love is perhaps the strongest because it is unconditional and knows no hesitation or limitation. It beholds what it gathers. It maintains life forever, even in transition when it becomes just a memory.

Love is free. And then there is the most powerful love, the love of passion and eroticism. It can be controlling and demanding. It can make you do wrong, it can make you compromise, it can make you do right. It can make you whole and it can make you fold. It can make you wonder and wander.

Love grows. It is lovely. It is a marvelous state. It is always there. There is love always. People sing and write about it, artists paint about it, people always want to tell and hear the love story. It is always ready to receive and give. We all have a love story. Some get to tell it twice or maybe even three times, maybe four. It consumes and consummates, it may even come and go. Sometimes people fall in love too easily or maybe too hard. But it comes and if you live a good life it will keep coming and you will know it in many forms. Love can turn your blues red. It can make you know, it can make you learn and it can make you forget.

Love knows no rules. Even when you are not looking for it, it might just grab you. How do you know? It attracts and reacts.

Love calls. It may be the opposite of your comfort or it may be exactly what you know. You are never too old or too young. Love transfers from your teddy bear or pet to a person that makes you sing, paint, write, dance or run. A good love motivates and inspires you to do better and be better. Love is strong and weak and might be meek and can make you weep. Love knows no age, because it has many stages with different faces. Love waits. It can move you from paradise to pain, it is a mood that can take you from blue to bliss. It can make you lost or found.

Love is a mosaic. Love always meets you where you are, expected or not. Sometimes when you are looking, sometimes you are seeking or perhaps when you are hiding. Love makes you a woman and keeps you a child. Love brings the man out of you and reduces you to a small boy wanting to touch a hand. Love lasts forever, even when you think it is gone. You might recognize it in a flower, in a sunset or a photograph. Love is simple and complex. Love is beauty always. Sometimes it is just a smile or the sound of a voice. Sometimes it is a wonderful memory. Sometimes it is once, for some it is many.

Love meets your muse. Love is a creation of two. Love is life. Love is the reveal of your heart. It calls your name.

Love is.

Hermene Hartman

Hermene Hartman

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