Love Cork Screw: Wine For The Whimsical

April 9, 2014
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An Event Within A Bottle


“Give me coffee for the things I can change and wine for those that I can’t.”

I lifted this from a social media posting a few weeks back and my goodness, it just resonates with life so well!

With wine being a male-dominated industry but a female’s social and emotional companion, to hold her own as a vintner, one could conclude that she may exude a certain je ne sais quoi.

Not fully describable but she elicits a contingency that intrigues and invites.

“It’s a fine line with being a woman in business and a true entrepreneur. You have to be very aggressive. You have to be A-type,” says Chrishon Lampley, owner of Love Cork Screw, a wine lifestyle brand offering six varietals.

Laughing, she throws in, “ … and sometimes that doesn’t translate well into my personal life because it can come across as intimidating to some guys, unfortunately.

Undeniably, however, the idea to create a brand that brings together wine and good conversation with diverse audiences over various mediums is a brainchild that is well deserving of applause and she’s having a ball with it all!

“I get so excited when it comes to my businesses and having my own,” says the businesswoman who has been an entrepreneur since she was 16-years-old.

Growing up in Downers Grove, living in New York, Vegas and now back in Chicago, Chrishon leads an adventurous life and contributes her experiences to the Love Cork Screw brand. One that has expanded from a wine and foodie blog to an hour-long radio show she hosts with over 4-thousand listeners to wine varietals (we’ll be getting to the treats shortly!) and a following that lusts for the monthly social gathering christened, ‘ The Tequila Tales’ in which her “business husband” Isaac Paul serves as host and Lampley plays the background.

The drinks, food and conversation for Tequila Tales kicks off once a month at Nouveau Tavern and also carries the Love Cork Screw line while complementing the weekly radio show.

“I wanted Love Cork Screw to be a lifestyle brand and that’s exactly what it’s becoming,” she ignites. “For people who listen to the radio show, they’re getting a taste of me and Isaac’s day-to-day banter and lives. The Cork section – I do a wine one-on-one, so I’m bringing listeners in that aren’t quite comfortable with wine and wine pairings and then the ‘screw’ section is the wild card.”

The attraction to Chrishon’s brand is the quality and elegance. Everything is executed with class and discriminates against no one.

There is an art aesthetic to her marketing tactics where she is able to visually bring in twentysomethings through filmed commercials and shorts where her theme-labeled wine is center of attention.

For those who may be intimidated by wine and its experienced consumers, Chrishon consciously takes note and is sure to make the experience as easy and pleasurable as possible.

“I keep it very simple; it doesn’t have to be so intricate,” she begins to explain. “I don’t have to use all the terms that wine connoisseurs may use. It’s as easy as if you’re eating a fish dish, you like something buttery with it, so a Chardonnay is buttery.”

Still a bit nervous? Chrishon eases the anxiety by assuring that “it’s really about what you like. It’s just some wines go better with certain dishes.”

Chrishon is no amateur when it comes to the wine industry. Before branching out to create Love Cork Screw, most of her following became familiar with her expertise at Three Peas Art Lounge where she served as co-owner and poured comforting reds and elegant whites to patrons.

From there, she easily became the go-to chick for wine choices whether it was for a house warming party or suggestions on what to pair with a Chicken Parmesan dish. (And yes, she often receives calls from friends as they are preparing to order their food at the restaurant.)

“I’ve been in the wine industry for about 15 years,” she says. I’ve always been well-versed and studying wine – the sommelier aspect of it. So when it came to Three Peas, I was the one picking out the wines and making it make sense with what we were doing.”

Love Cork Screw offers six varietals ranging in retail from $10-22 that can be found in over 22 locations such as Mariano’s (Ukranian Village, Western Springs and West Loop!), Kimbark Liquors in Hyde Park, and South Loop Market, just to name a few.

The varietals include:

Chrishon Lampley, Love Cork Screw

Chrishon Lampley, Love Cork Screw

Good Times, Good Friends:  a very simple, crisp white Pinot Grigio with pear notes; We’re Moving On Up, which is a which is a top seller, is a 2005 Red Cabernet from California; Hard Knock Life is a Concord wine and brings in wine newbies with its subtle sweetness; Touch The Sky, a Niagara white wine from the Niagara grape, is another good introduction selection; In Too Deep, a Brusecco wine is a brute styled carbonated varietal which increases popularity around the holiday’s; and Head Over Heels is a seductive Sweet Riesling.

“I’m considered a mid-tier (affordable, yet, good quality) wine, which is very good even for the “wine snobs”. My Cabernet is a 2005 so I’m definitely in with the best of them.”

There’s a (social) comfort when drinking wine and having that perfect glass that fits your taste palettes. Wine brings a calm. The glass lift, sniff and swirl is the deep breath and the brim of the glass to the lips and indulge is the needed exhale.

Love Cork Screw is sexy, but not overtly so. “It’s bold, edgy, and whimsical … and that’s me!”, says Chrishon wearing a smile.

And here’s a little N’DIGO pour for all those Chrishon and Isaac Paul fans … ‘Love Cork Screw’ may be going live! The duo is currently shooting a pilot and taking the brand a step further.

Stay looped. And Drink Well!

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