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June 13, 2013

Don’t Kill My Chance… I Want To Be A Lawyer!

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Written by: A.J. Linton
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Can I grow up? Can I live?

Don’t take away my chance to be a lawyer.

In today’s times it seems as though children’s choices are being taken away from them before they can even hit 3-years-old. In a society or city that is at its height for gun violence, I urge souls to rethink the mindset that makes you want to take lives from innocent individuals.

By killing lives you take away promise, hope and a bright future. Lets start working together and unifying a divided society by raising the peace and stopping the violence. It’s not about us anymore, do it for our children, if not for me for young Piper’s chance of becoming a LAWYER!






Created by A.J. Linton and Powered by  Ashley ‘Snow’ Harris and LaToya ‘Toi Talese’ Cross, the Don’t Kill My Chance Campaign visually emphasizes the pains of the city as it relates to senseless violence and the loss of youth. Our hope with this movement is to direct and focus the social lens on the endurance of life and allowing children an equal opportunity and chance to grow up and live the life of their dreams and desires.

Join us in our movement to raise peace and opportunity. Hear No Evil. See No Evil.

Thank You:

Karl Ray Photography

Quincy Shields, MindTik Studios

107.5 WGCI

Anthony Reese, Videographer

Gerald Washington, Harris Park – Chicago Park District

Patrick Saingbey-Woodtor, Africa International House

Hair & MUA Personnel

Don’t Kill My Chance participants and supporters!

About the Author

A.J. Linton
A.J. Linton, a media consultant and creative director is dedicated to her vision of creating opportunities. A.J. provides creative service in arts, entertainment and media. She is the creator of Young, Black & Successful Under 30, the Creating Opportunities Workshop and serves as Creative Director for Young Mogul Nation. Contact: aj.linton228@gmail.com


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