“Fathers, Please Stand UP!”

June 19, 2014
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This is to the MEN!

Fathers that are doing their part in raising their children, I commend you! Fathers that are helping to raise productive sons and daughters, their mothers commend you! Fathers that teach their sons how to respect themselves, respect their elders and respect themselves, society commends you! Fathers that are teaching their daughters to be strong women, your future grandchildren commend you!

Fathers that take care of their children do not get enough recognition, so here is OUR recognition: “THANK YOU. YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!”

This is to the Man out there that is happily married with children. The Man that not only takes care of business, but he takes care of his wife and his kids. This is to the Man that knows that it is his responsibility to assist in the raising of his children, whether they are his natural kids or not.

This is to the Man that is separated from his wife and family, but still maintains a respectful relationship with the mother of his children. I’m referring to the Man that continues to make an effort to be there for his children. The Man that picks up his children on the weekends and keeps them over Summer break. He also communicates with them on a regular basis.

This is to the Man that may have children out of wedlock, yet is there for them. You never forget birthdays, ball games, dance recitals or their favorite foods. You’re always there for them, if and when he or she needs guidance or just someone to talk to.

This is to the Man that has custody of his child. This Man takes full-time responsibility of his children. The Man that takes them to school, feeds them, clothe them, house them, chastise them, motivate them, teach them and love them on a full-time, 24/7 basis.

This is to the MALES that have children, some known, some unknown, but have nothing to do with any of them. This may be due to choice or unfortunate circumstances. You have left the mother of your children or another Man with the responsibility to raise your child. You have no time, no money and make no effort to see your children. You are NOT a Man, you’re just a Male.

If you are in the military and can’t be there for your children due to the fact that duty calls, that is understandable. But when you return home…duty calls there too!

MEN, take care of yours! That’s your natural born duty, your responsibility and your obligation as a man. Situations may be difficult and you may not be able to provide financial support. That is understandable. A child though, really just wants your time and to be loved. This doesn’t cost a thing. This is where you can start. You have sat down long enough Sir. It’s time to take care of your children. You made them, now raise them!



“Prentice Powell Performs ‘Good Father’ on The Arsenio Hall Show” [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFiO7djDdU0[/youtube]

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