Don't Kill My Chance … Stop The Violence

May 9, 2013
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It saddens me that as voices continue to communicate in various ways that there needs to be an end to violence, gun violence, senseless violence and gang violence; we are still falling on deaf ears. We are still in the midst of war on the streets and our communities. We are still hearing the heartfelt cries of childless mothers and fathers. And gun violence continues to wipe out a generation of hopefuls.

Action is taking place, but I question are we reaching only “the choir”? Are we missing the mark? How can we progress our message while still protecting our own lives? It’s complicated. It’s frustrating. What should we do?

We speak of a life, ‘Hear no evil, see no evil’ but it surrounds us. Still, we push through in hopes that our message will reach change and raise peace.

It takes planning and effort to rob, steal and kill. Why not take that energy to research and educate yourselves on how to make an honest living? I promise, it’s more beneficial. Easier said than done, huh? Just throwing it out there.

Truth is, we just want these babies to have an opportunity at life. We want people to be able to live and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Please Stop The VIOLENCE.

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The Don’t Kill My Chance Campaign is to visually emphasize the pains of the city as it relates to senseless violence and the loss of youth. Our hope with this movement is to direct and focus the social lens on the endurance of life and allowing children an equal opportunity and chance to grow up and live the life of their dreams and desires.

Join us in our movement to raise peace and opportunity. Hear No Evil. See No Evil.

Thank You:
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Quincy Shields, MindTik Studios
107.5 WGCI
Anthony Reese, Videographer
Gerald Washington, Harris Park – Chicago Park District
Patrick Saingbey-Woodtor, Africa International House
Hair & MUA Personnel
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