Don't Kill My Chance … Still Dreaming

July 11, 2013
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She dreamed a sea of dreams – wondered what they mean  – wandered in her dreams

Life as it seems is not as easy as we’d like it to be

Eyes water – results from broken concrete where bodies lay – not expecting it to be their time

Innocence is mistaken for weakness – positivity sometimes receives negative outcomes – we’re fighting over bread crumbs

Flashy fashions just to get acknowledged when the world is so much bigger and we exhale only little knowledge … wake up

Tip-toeing around society pointing fingers when it’s obvious that in truth, we’re all guilty

Guilty for loving only when it’s convenient

Guilty for lending our time only we recognition is in place for social media praises

Guilty for bringing children into a world where we have yet to lay a proper foundation for self – so we struggle for wealth

Guilty for not first expanding our minds so that we know a universe to introduce to the youth – a different way of living

A broadened horizon

Guilty of limiting chance

Society is misguided from the skewed opinions of the news to the sensationalized readings via media

Death reports rise high – the problem growing bigger but the solution thinning out

We recognize it and ask what can we do ? Are there real working solutions?  Does this thing stem from so long that we’re at the point of no repair?

Fear – we have to induce strength – we have to induce mental capability and knowledge – we have to induce genuine love


Keep Dreaming but in the meantime Act on those dreams



Created by A.J. Linton and Powered by Ashley ‘Snow’ Harris and LaToya ‘Toi Talese’ Cross, the Don’t Kill My Chance Campaign visually emphasizes the pains of the city as it relates to senseless violence and the loss of youth. Our hope with this movement is to direct and focus the social lens on the endurance of life and allowing children an equal opportunity and chance to grow up and live the life of their dreams and desires.

Join us in our movement to raise peace and opportunity. Hear No Evil. See No Evil.

Thank You:

Karl Ray Photography

Quincy Shields, MindTik Studios

107.5 WGCI

Anthony Reese, Videographer

Gerald Washington, Harris Park – Chicago Park District

Patrick Saingbey-Woodtor, Africa International House

Hair & MUA Personnel

Don’t Kill My Chance participants and supporters!

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