Don't Kill My Chance

July 18, 2013
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Dreams, Visions and Nightmares seem to run rapidly through the minds of young children today. They are taught reaction instead of action. We must now instill in our peers and younger audiences that you can solve situations without using violence. I pose a question, should they even believe that this is a world filled with hope or should they fall victim to societal issues going on in our communities? We must come to realization that falling victim will create more problems than it will help in our communities. We do better by exposing ourselves and children to better. If we don’t care who will?

Mark has dreams of becoming an icon in R &B music. As a young African American male in Chicago, violence does not have the right to rob him of his chance. He has the passion of wanting to inspire, encourage and motivate children everywhere to reach for their goals.

Don’t Kill His Chance of making a difference.






Created by A.J. Linton and Powered by Ashley ‘Snow’ Harris and LaToya ‘Toi Talese’ Cross, the Don’t Kill My Chance Campaign visually emphasizes the pains of the city as it relates to senseless violence and the loss of youth. Our hope with this movement is to direct and focus the social lens on the endurance of life and allowing children an equal opportunity and chance to grow up and live the life of their dreams and desires.

Join us in our movement to raise peace and opportunity. Hear No Evil. See No Evil.

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