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The Angry White Man

By Hermene D. Hartman

You often hear about the Angry Black Man and the Angry Black Woman.

Whenever a Black person tells the truth or speaks directly to race, they are subject to be called "angry," which is some kind of signal to the White world that the Black person in question can't be trusted.

When Black men are on the upward climb in the corporate world, they are cautioned to never be angry, no matter what the White insult might be.

You want to always be cool, calm, and collected. President Barack Obama embodies this trait.

If any group of people has legitimate reason to be angry, indeed it is Black males. They have been mistreated, unfairly accused and jailed, discounted, and feared by America.

The new book The Obamas, by Jodi Kantor, suggests that First Lady Michelle Obama is the Angry Black Woman."

The truth of the matter is that the Black woman, too, has reason to be angry. As we review history, clearly we see the injustices and mistreatment.

Black Americans have been denied full citizenship and aborted, in essence. However, having said that, a review of the history shows no mass murders, no mass slaughters, and few violent uprisings.

We grinned and took it. We bowed and we prayed for our solace. We built churches and toted education as the saving grace.

You see, instead, the Tuskegee Airmen wanting to fight the noble fight for their country. You see downtrodden and sometimes broken. You see pride in spite of it. You see hope. You see progress.

However, what about the Angry White Man?

Role Reversal

The Angry White Man has been America's danger. He has engaged mass slaughter, hung Black men from the trees on Sundays after church, raped Black women, passed racist laws with intent to deny Black America full access to America proper.

Newt Gingrich appears to be such as he is showcased in the Republican debates. He is angry with the press, he is angry with his ex wives. He is the Angry White Man.

He has had the wonderful brainstorm of teaching Black youth the value of work - by saying that the only working role models that exist in the Black community are drug dealers ... and that as a remedy, we should allow Black youth to be janitors after school, so that they can learn the value and ethic of the world of work.

This is pure ignorance in his thinking and the comment makes you wonder what planet he has been on for the past years. Clearly, Newt has established himself as a racist. The hatred spills out as he talks about President Barack Obama.

I'm waiting for him to slip and use the infamous "N" word.

In his stance on Obama, Newt is not necessarily speaking against policy making or policy decisions. He is speaking to a Black man, questioning how dare you? And how did you get here in the first place? Newt has one goal, and it is to take the Black president out.

Gingrich is an historical throwback to the men of the Klan. He is angry and he is racist. He is not White House material by any stretch. Yet, he is a real contender for the President of the United States. Makes you want to pour a stiff drink, thinking of the possibilities.

His demeanor is not deserving of the White House. He is too angry. He might drop the nuclear bomb just because he feels like fighting one day.

He left two wives because they were ill -- so much for compassion. He has been the Speaker of the House and was called out because of his ethics. He is an attack dog.

Newt Gingrich is angry and we need to pay attention to him because he represents a real sector of American society that is not for progress.

He is bad news and America does not need an Angry White Man at the helm of anything any more.

Gingrich has suggested during the Republican debates that he wants to establish a colony on the moon by 2020 that will eventually become America's 51st state. We humbly suggest that he should go and be the founder of that colony himself.