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Six Vision Board Tips for Entrepreneurs

May 22, 2014No Comments

“Sisters in success” and serial entrepreneurs Peytyn Willborn and Nikki Burnett have had their fair share of triumphs. From humble beginnings in housing projects, divorce

Fashion Social w/ The Monroe Sisters

Jul 29, 2013No Comments

Five years ago as a materialistic, label wh-re who frequented the beauty salon weekly, I would have scoffed at the thought of me rocking a

Link Unlimited Proves Mentorship is Essenti...

Jun 17, 2013No Comments

“I am going to fail.” I can remember those words ruminating through my head as I hesitantly flipped through the thick ACT packet, or as


May 15, 2013No Comments

April 20th marked the first annual B.I.G.G. Hearted Foundation’s “Live B.I.G.G Gala” at the University of Chicago. The foundation, although born out of tragedy, truly