2014 Too Hot to Handel Poetry Contest Winners

January 28, 2014
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N’DIGO is proud to announce the winners from local school children as they write about what the King legacy means. – Hermene Hartman, Publisher

Winning Poem
Lights to Equality
By: Jeanie Huynh – 5th grade
Philip Rogers Elementary School

It’s time to walk hand in hand,
It’s time for a world of equality,
It matters not what you are, or whom you claim to be,
You’re you, and that’s good enough for me.

Can’t we see who we are,
Our hearts have strayed too far.

Everyone wants happiness,
No one wants pain.
But you can’t have a rainbow,
Without a little rain.

1st Runner-Up
By: Joshua J. – 3rd grade
Reilly Elementary School

A lovely city in the world
Not cruel or nasty
The heart in the world of beauty
And not junky
Saving the world in my body
Night and day will be lovely.

2nd Runner-Up
Beloved Community
By: Kellvin S. – 6th grade

A beloved community stands together
A beloved community helps each other
We’re all one and one is all
Let’s strive together from winter to fall

A beloved Community works as a team
Even though we have different dreams
We all have suggestions we like to share
So we come together because we care


By: Thomas R.—6th grade

Our beloved community
We are a unity
Where we can have fun
And be serious when fun is done
We will smile together
Til the day is done
And we will join together in the sun

Martin Luther King Jr.
By: Coura Malcolm – 5th grade
Phillip Rogers Elementary School

Martin, Martin, Martin
What good you have done
We have all come together
United as one
Love, peace, and respect
You have brought to us
Without your courage, and bravery
Who might we trust
Thank you for your hard work
Risking your life for us
You will be in our hearts forever

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