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Don't Kill My Chance … Life is B...

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Blazed Bullets. Generated Chaos. What this could be. Herein lies detriments; past times of catastrophe. Controversy stirs awakening ill-feelings, awakening loss, awakening further wants. Hearts

What Do You Do With Paula Deen?

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Paula Deen, the celeb southern belle chef has built an empire on her Southern persona. The platinum coiffed, blue-eyed lady took her cooking all the way

Don't Kill My Chance… I Want To ...

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Every action begins with a vision. Desires begin with an introduction to dream and inquire all possibilities. Dreams turn into motivation for achievement. Children are

Boney James – The Beat Goes On

Jun 19, 2013No Comments

I recently spoke with three-time Grammy Award nominee Boney James (born James Oppenheim) as he embarks on his third decade in the world of R&B

Link Unlimited Proves Mentorship is Essenti...

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“I am going to fail.” I can remember those words ruminating through my head as I hesitantly flipped through the thick ACT packet, or as

Kelly Fair, Founder of Polished Pebbles Men...

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Be Bold. This two-word phrase is something that I learned early on in my professional career – and it applies differently to each individual. These

Don't Kill My Chance… I Want To ...

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                                Can I grow up? Can I live? Don’t take

Juicing Craze: What You Should Know Before...

Jun 10, 2013No Comments

Juicing Icon Offers 5 Tips for Beginners and Veterans Alike; Happiness & Well-Being a Key Ingredient It’s no longer just celebrities, world-class athletes and alternative-lifestyle

If Assata Shakur is a terrorist then we may...

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Frank Chapman blasted the FBI for placing Asata Shakur on the FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorist” list. Chapman is Field Organizer and Education Director of the

Don't Kill My Chance … I Want To...

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                                  Raging Soul. Burn so deep. Watching the news,

Senator Kirk Meet Congressman Rush

Jun 03, 2013No Comments

United States Senator Mark Kirk with Senator Dick Durbin by his side recently called for the US attorney nominee Zachary Fardon, to lock up gang